Day 467

Saturday | June 8th, 2013


MM stayed the night at our house in my room on the folding couch. We were up early and we had a big breakfast with the bread MM made and brought for us and nice olive oil and balsamic vinegar to for dipping; eggs over hard; a salad full of lettuce from the garden; and two (two!) kinds of cheese. It was a fantastic breakfast (below).


After breakfast, MM left to visit MS in the countryside and I started to clean the old iMac MS had given me. Inheriting an old computer is always fun for the poking around value of it and trying to get it to boot up. Old computers usually can’t run the software I’m currently using, so if I can get the computer to work, I have a chance to run older software (from a simpler time) and learn new tricks. I used to do this with pre-Pentium machines in the late 90s. At one point I had an old 286 (no boot), a 386 (booted to basic DOS), a 486 (booted to Windows 3.1), and a Pentium 66 (which I tried to overclock).

I was a little bummed that I’d guessed the model number wrong when MS and I had talked about the machine. I thought it would run 64-bit programs, but it was really a 32-bit machine with a 2GB memory limit. I can work with 2GBs, it’s just not fun. It’s not quite enough to also run Windows with Office 2003 inside it. I was hoping to take this old iMac to work and end the suffering of Hell on Desk.

I tried. I really did. For a year and a half, I’ve tried to make that almost total piece of shit Samsung computer work for me … but Windows 7 is just stupid (as I wrote a year and a half ago). I get less work done at work because the machine is so handicapped. Image a machine with 4GBs of RAM and four CPUs always running with only 40%-50% free resources. It’s slow. It’s a waste of the whole sum of its technology because both the hardware and software are so poorly designed. Then it’s handicapped even further by running on an ass-slow 100Mb network that is over monitored and throttled with a poorly configured firewall (the kind that makes it take three hours to download a system update). I can’t do it anymore.


When MM came back, he brought the power cord I needed to see if the old iMac would boot up. By then I had all the keys of the 112 key keyboard popped off and soaking in dish soap. I continued working on the computer until dinner.

Walking back home, bellies full of duck and baked squash, I found another tiger. I was so tempted to take him home too. It’s smaller, but the same pattern. It’s possible that at one point Gyeongju had an artist doing cross-stitch tigers and people bought them, but now, the artist has been dead for many years and the owners of the framed cross-stitch tigers have passed away too and their children look at these tigers and are repulsed by the kitch and throw these away. Based on this theory, I decided to leave this one between the two buildings for the time being. It may be, that there are more tigers in Gyeongju and I should be a little choosy about which ones I take home with me.


MM stayed another night but we didn’t do much after walking around. Meow retreated to her tv and I stayed in my room cleaning the old iMac. It booted without issue (above, left) once I had a power cable and plugged in an external drive (the internal one is dead). MM seemed really bored, but we are a boring couple these days. We focus on our hobbies and work on our own things on the weekends.

I found a source on the internet with a hacked firmware update (above, right) to make the old iMac think it was the next model (that came out six months later). The later model, called 5,1 (mine is 4,1), could support 4GBs of memory. The update installed perfectly as did the extra RAM I had. Once that was done, I stopped futzing and watched Grabbers with MM before turning in. Sunday was going to be a very big day …

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