Day 464

Wednesday | June 5th, 2013


There was a lot to do today and I knew that going to sleep last night. Even for a day off there was more to do than I usually accept, but since things have been crunched in lately, the day off is where some of it had to land.

The first thing on waking was to clean the bathroom. Even though the outside bathroom was fixed it’s still been two long since the inside one had a good scrub. Two of Meow’s friends were coming in at 22.00 and stinky things will make us look bad. Or not. I mostly just don’t want people coming over, seeing my pretty bathroom, and then thinking it smells like pee.

While I was cleaning, the mama cricket got caught out in the open. I captured her in the bathroom cup and put her in the window sill (hero image, top) to watch and hopefully not die from the chemical cleaner. Mama cricket has lived in our bathroom since the remodeling days. She has some children—little crickets who follow her around. I’m not sure what they eat, but they are good luck symbols in both our countries and cultures, we’ve left them alone. Once while showering, one of the babies got trapped in the tub and drowned because of panic when I tried to help it out. This still makes me sad to think about. I really wanted the mama cricket to be okay.

Eventually, she slipped through the air crack and stay on the sill until I was done cleaning. I still had to wave my hand a little to get her to jump off and back into the bathroom, but she did.


The next task was getting ready for dinner with GL (and later PP). This Wednesday was the eve of a red day, then a working day, then two days off for most of the people I work with. We had plans to meet and drink down by the river since it’s been so warm out at night. The rules state that meat needs to be consumed before drinking.

After eating, I had to circle back to the house via Meat & Mart to pick up soda, to premix my bottle and PP’s bottle (above, left). At the river, a fair amount of people showed up, including Meow and her two friends from Seoul. CC brought his dog; BM brought her cat (on a leash!). Both pets were incredibly well-behaved and made Naughty and Twitchy look like a street thug and a crack whore by comparison.

It was colder at night, by the river, or maybe just in Gyeongju, than anyone expected. Meow brought me a jacket when she came. There was lots of talking and then Meow left and then it was just me and a very upset GL recalling various slights or misunderstandings. Clearly, we didn’t eat enough or something. Then the night was over and I was home and the rest only the drunk fairies know.

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