Day 460

Saturday | June 1st, 2013


All the sleeplessness and work and whatever has caught up with me. The sort of reading and nodding off for a few minutes is brain fatigue, not body fatigue—I know because my mind stutters into a short, fractured dream-state for a few seconds each time. I didn’t mean for things to get like this, but they are, and the penance to recover from this is real sleep and lots of it. And dreams, layers and layers of epic intertwining dreams.

Have need, will get; I slept until 16.00 today. Despite many attempts by Meow to wake me; the dogs freaked out barking with Super Reno-guy came by to see what we needed fixin’; not with the hours and hours of Meow’s sewing machine whirring; not Meow trying to get me to stand up, for just a minute, to see what she did; nothing would do save for rest, for my weary brain.


When I did get up, the dogs and Meow were crashed out on the couch (you see, getting up early has penalties too). I examined the curtains and took pictures of all of them (above). These are the summer curtains.

After getting ready, we made a trek to Homeplus—mostly because all the local stores are surprisingly out of 현미 (hyeon mi; brown rice). We also wanted the Homeplus cookie set. It has 15 cookies: three oatmeal that are usually too dry, three always delicious sugar cookies, and three either chocolate white chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookies.

We’ve been trying to cut down on our snacking and eat better (hence the smoothies). We figure if we cut snack runs to the store, we’ll save about 200,000-300,000 a month. This “cut” includes ice cream, cookies, chips, cakes, breads, sweet breads, fried food, and things with a ton of sugar. It’s worked well, but we fudge the edge sometimes and making a Homeplus cookie allowance is that kind of thing. Only, Homeplus didn’t have any cookies, so we left without any sweets or extra snacks. We left with what we went there for: 현미, sugarless cereals, quality olive oil, veggies. I got some metal-free baking powder because the biscuits I made the other day were nasty and metallicky and bitter.

The rest of the evening I spent writing or planning writing for this journal or organizing photographs or playing with my phone. I pet the dogs quite a bit too, as they are no longer fired for chewing up my stuff (but I’m still not letting them back in my room).

The Daily Bullet

Our squash plant reaching out.



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Daily Report

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