Day 456

Tuesday | May 28th, 2013


I was having a rather good day for a Tuesday where I knew going in I wouldn’t be leaving until after 17.00. I had even slept through all my alarms and had a dream where I was driving my niece somewhere and the same ZZ Top song (Got Me Under Pressure) kept on playing. And playing. And playing.

I woke up after 12.00 and class on Tuesdays is at 13.00. There wasn’t time for much. Shower, breakfast, thought, all skipped for face washing, teeth brushing, dressing, and … eyebrow patrol. While adjusting myself in front of a mirror, a rogue eyebrow hair loomed over my face. It was still attached and long. I had to pluck it out, but I found four more in the process. They were all like three centimeters long. I get these sometimes. They come in spurts of overgrowth, then plucking, then dormancy, then overgrowth and repeat.

Returning to my office after my only class of the day, anxious to sit down, drink water and eat dal, I was accosted by a coworker wanting to know the answer to something on a quiz I’d made more than two weeks ago—a quiz I’d just finished giving to my students. The short of it was he felt that this problem had no answer or that it was an overly complicated answer like, brother-in-law that the students wouldn’t know (except I taught that to my students; what did he teach, I wonder?). I tried to explain that it wasn’t if you worked through the problem, but he wasn’t buying it and kept digging. I went to my seat and started eating lunch and thinking more and getting pissed more.

If there was some problem with something I made, why not bring it up two weeks ago when it would have made a difference? We all have offices; desks; phones; a dedicated server for the program with usernames, sections for discussions, materials, resources. Why not bring this up in one of those places? This joker and I are supposed to be on the same team, working towards the same goals, but this is rather dickish stuff to dig at someone after the quizzes have gone out.


The reason for leaving late was a team meeting (the same team with the quiz issue). I don’t have much to say at these things anymore (if I ever really did) unless something crossed some sort of teacher mantra, then my mouth is putting things out before I’ve remembered that it’s not really worth it or useful. So mostly today, I just sat and stared out the window (above) growing ever more agitated.

I left as quickly as I could get away and walked even faster to get home. I stopped off at the rice paddy (top) to think this agitation through some more. By the time I got home the dogs stayed away and Meow said I looked really angry so she stayed away too.

That’s not good, so I talked with Meow about the quiz and the joker. When I told her the problem her first response was “nephew” (cousin also works). She got it and English isn’t even her language. Either this joker was playing dumb to layer on an extra dose of asshole or he is just stupid.

Meow has good things to say about dummies and how to not let them get a rise out of you. Still it took hours to let this die to a point where it didn’t totally absorb my thoughts.


At some point in the night I was in my room not blogging and looked down to see the floor covered with ants. I hosed them with the remaining Windex, but by 06.00 they’d just found another sumpin’ yummy to eat and were all over the place again. Around 07.00, I made a fresh batch of dal before Meow woke up and then went outside to inspect the ant situation. Last week they were only in the garden; this week they’ve crept closer to the house and now they were taking over my room.

What I saw is one tribe of ants crushing all the others. There was even an ant war going on (above). These conqueror ants are the ones that will need to die … soon.

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