Day 455

Monday | May 27th, 2013


Rain. Hallo, rain. It wasn’t raining when I cabbed my way to work, but it was when I left. It was spring rain; warm with the air and to the touch. Halfway home, I wrapped up the umbrella to better enjoy its light fall.

Work was tolerable today. My second class seemed to roll better than the last few weeks. It helped more to be sorted on my feelings about it yesterday—and to be less angry about things. It is also better because I can see my part in it now. By not asking for more help, I became the kind of person I loathe most at the PDF—the person who doesn’t ask questions, believing that their course is truer. I think I made some good stuff, but that vital element, collaboration, was mostly missing from what I did turn out.

I graded quizzes too long and went home with a stomach that was eating itself. At home, I ate some dal, petted the dogs, ate a single ice cream cone with Meow, and retreated to the hollow of my room. I watched another Star Trek movie. They’ve ceased to be about homework grading. Now I’m vested in the mythos of the United Federation of Planets. Tonight was Star Trek IX: Insurrection. I’ve got two more left to tide me through the next weekish of time. It will be a treat to go see Star Trek XII: Into the Darkness in a theater after this period of Trek-dom.


Later while I was working on the back end of this blog and the windows were rattling. They didn’t rattle all winter, but now, on a rainy spring day with a tiny baby wind they were like have a loose bit of siding flapping away every few minutes. In the winter, these windows were locked, so no rattling. I took them both out and layered their wheels with WD-40 (above, left). Every door and window in this hanok has a crappy, ball-bearing-less, rusted thing under it that makes it go left and right which barely earns the designation of “wheel”. New ones are about 3,000 won at the hardware store. I’ve replaced a bunch of them already, but in most cases the track they travel across is badly chipped which is causing the noise (and looseness that leads to the rattling).

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