Day 448

Monday | May 20th, 2013


I was sitting at work, working, or thinking about work, or perhaps just working, but not as hard and as efficiently as I could have been most likely because I didn’t have to be there—at 15.00 I should be going home, yet … there I was almost two hours later.

It had at least been eventful. The SINDOH printer that’s been sitting in O4 (Office 4) for two months was finally jacked into the network and accepting print jobs. The control software installed on my system was making me giddy with all the options and configuration options (and here, you see, I miss with a passion, the FUjiXerox workhorse at the CEC—I spent more time with it than with Meow in our first year of marriage). This SINDOH has its own website on the intranet. This means I can check a lot of things on the printer, like who jammed it up with their retarded technophobic habits or who ate all the paper. The technophobes need schooling and paper is gold on campus and there’s never enough of it—but plenty of finger pointing going on when someone needs to print and can’t. Knowledge is power.

My configuration software was mostly Korean when the rest of the office had English, so I was in the middle of cobbling the right files in the right folder when Meow called asking me if I’d forgotten to disarm the house when coming home. Not me, “I’m working!” (don’t I get a goldstar or something?). Meow was in Pohang. She called back to say that ADT was going to check the house.


No worries. We got dogs that bark, CCTV on all the entrances, and so much crap between the two of us that there were only two things to really worry about. I didn’t see any reason to go home, but for Meow and the barking dogs, and the ADT guy who’d be there, I went.

Everything was fine. The ADT guy checked all the sensors and then said a bunch of stuff in fast Korean and left. When Meow got home a short while later we looked over everything together, decided that all was well, and Meow told me the electric company had sent her a text apologizing for cutting the line to the whole neighborhood today which we concluded to be the cause. Since we were outside and home and it was nice and warm and sunny, Meow worked on her garden (hero image, top) and I played with the dogs.

This is Meow’s first garden and everything is amazing and wow. When she asked if a certain plant had a squash the size of my fingernail I went to look. There it was, an itsy-bitsy thing still tucked in its dying bud. This led to much discussion about plans and renovations and gardening and pictures (all you see).


Meow told me about these little red insects (above). They’re from Japan. They’re everywhere but they don’t harm plants. When the rainy season comes they’ll disappear. I’ve no idea what they really are, just that they remind me of the little red spiders that would be everyone in Oregon in the spring. This is as close as I can get with my iPhone. I might try another camera with a super macro setting to try and see who they really are.

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