Day 433

Sunday | May 5th, 2013


So it was a nice day, sunny, warm, kind of hot but with a great breeze. Meow and I decided to go out again on our bikes with the dogs. LG was over and came along with us.

Last time Twitchy was great. She was calm and ran a lot with my as I pedaled. She also throw up later when she was home but she had great exercise. This time she was … twitchy, like her name. Before we could get to the river she’d flipped out over everything.

At the river she was a little better. She ran with me. She took a big crap. She ran with me some more. When Meow passed us with Naughty riding in the basket, I was fiddling with something and I made her wait, which she did. LG caught up with me and then I went ahead again with Twitchy. I was biking slower and she ran ahead and at this point, I left her try to pull me on the bike. She’s a really powerful dog and pulled me like a sled dog.

We were going along and I was cheering her on and then … then she saw a little dog out of the corner of her eye. Twitchy did what she always does, crazy, not-thinking shit. She crossed in front of me, suddenly forcing the front tire to the very hard left. I went face first into the gritty red cement, my arms protected me into a half roll.

The fall of the bike yanked Twitchy back violently and part of the bike hit her. She tried to attack the bike for fucking with her. Then she panicked tried to attack me. I put my arms over my head to keep her teeth away from my face. It was scary.

The bike seemed alright. Both my hands, right elbow, and right knee were all torn up and bloody. LG helped us get home. Twitchy ran around in the courtyard happy and completely absent thought about what had happened.

I decided that she was really crazy. And that I would never bike or walk her again. She’s pretty much the same when walking: a total nutbag. Last year, the last time Meow walked her, Twitchy saw a flock of seagulls and took off after them dragging Meow behind her on the ground. Meow’s wrist was badly sprained. In the winter, I was walking Twitchy and she heard birds in a tree by the bike path and jumped off the side, nearly pulling me off the ledge and into the brambles. I don’t think it’s possible for her to focus.

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This Old Hanok

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