Day 431

Friday | May 3rd, 2013


Friday turned out to be a great day (even without buffet and piles of chard). BL and I get together in the afternoon a few hours after work and rode out to Bomun Lake and Bomun Town (top).


The wind was blowing hard against us the whole way. Peddling felt like pushing two bikes in the wind. And it seemed (and probably did) take much longer to get to the greenhouse (above, left) than it took Meow and I to do the same on Tuesday.

I’ve only ever been to the lake once, the first time MIL, BIL, and FIL came to visit us in Gyeongju way back on Day 41. Even that trip was to the “popular” area and I was pretty disgusted with all the tourists and fake Koreanisms (especially Bomun Town). But from the greenhouse we went to the left side and rode around the bottom of the lake (above, middle and right).


The light was great and bright. I really liked the outdoor theater sitting on the edge of the lake (above, left). It’s hard to believe that I live a 20 minute bike ride down a little path that skirts between those to hills in the distance. The lake has more than just cherry trees, I found this willow tree (above, right) drooping nicely along the bank just before Bomun Town (which I continue to mentally link as Bartertown).


There’s a lot of construction and other development going on around Bartertown Bomun Town. It already had a Hilton and a Hyatt and now two (two!) Starbucks have gone in since we moved here. Beyond those mountains hills are more valleys and eventually the coastline. The municipality of Gyeongju has coastline. Someday I want to get there by bicycle (although I think I’ll need more gears to do that). Looking back down the river (above, right) BL and I wondered how much sidewalk we’d have going back home along the other side of the lake—to make one complete loop.


By the time we reached the pagodas, my hub had slipped gears twice. I stopped to check out the hub here and got the shot (above). The conditions were slightly askew from this when Meow and I had passed by, but today they were perfect.


BL took this one of me (above) as we raced back to Seonggeon-dong. I kept gearing up to 3rd to go really fast and slam the coaster brake. I was also trying to see if I could recreate the gear slippage (I couldn’t, so I think it was stress in 3rd gear when I should have been in 2nd gear—this is why I want a 5-speed, the middle gear is too much work).


At home, the light was still good, I looked over Meow’s plantings as she very excitedly showed me each little startling (above, left) and told me what, someday soon, it would become. It’s hard to be excited as her about a simple garden. I grew peas and my father grew a garden twice as big as the plot of land we now live on. For her though, this is big, maybe even bigger than having the yard or the house.

Someday we will come together on this. I have plans to pimp out all the corners of our walled compound to grow more stuff. Someday we will have a bigger plot of land and I’ll build a walipini. Then I’ll be as excited as Meow.

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