Day 428

Tuesday | April 30th, 2013


Today was so fantastically warm and pretty. And warm. When I got home in the afternoon and I pressured Meow into leaving then and there on a dog walking / biking riding extravaganza—something which we’d been saying we’d do for weeks but with one of us always making an excuse not to at the last minute. “Best to just get out there,” I said. I know me. If I were to sit down, I’d get distracted with something else and then not want to go.


Twitchy made it to the river without spazzing out for once which was great because I had her with my left arm and the bike guided by the right arm. Once at the park, I tied her to the back of the frame and took off. She wasn’t into the running until she took a massive dump, then she was like, ‘Why aren’t we going faster??’

She has a lot of power and can probably pull the bike along—which would be better than me just dragging her. I rode with her for about 30 minutes then she was more interested in smelling the bushes than running. We took the dogs back home and left them in their room and Meow and I headed out on our bikes together.


It really was a fantastic day and being out and mobile and with a camera and with Meow made it even better. We stopped a lot and took pictures of the light casting oddly as the sun set. We rode up towards Bomun Lake on the other side of the river. We made it to the dam (above, right) where we turned back last December when walking the dogs.


We went just a bit further, to a botanical garden being built at the bottom of the lake. We found our way across the car bridge and then headed back down towards home on the side we’d walked on last year. I’m not sure why the pagodas are there (above, right; below), but there they are anyway. It’s Gyeongju, so there has to be a lot of traditional stuff around for people to take pictures of I guess.


It was a great bike ride. Riding a bike to Bomun should only take about 20 minutes, but walking almost to the dam last year with two monkey dogs took two and a half hours. I’m increasingly excited about the prospects of getting farther out into the great Gyeongju area on my bike and today was the first real taste.

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