Day 420

Monday | April 22nd, 2013


It’s a beautiful day. It’s warm. The air, is warm. The winds are soft … and warm. I should be enjoying this fragment of pre-spring seen fit to land on Gyeongju today, but I can’t. My neck and back are in knots. I didn’t get enough sleep. My gut is turning me inside out like sea slugs do for defense. I am powered exclusively by stress and instant coffee (consumed straight from the packet, the way artificial things were intended to be consumed). The agonizing irritation of what went wrong last night has grated every last snag of patience and made me want nothing but to get home as fast as my legs will carry me so I can tear into the laptop a fourth time and figure out why, why, why it isn’t starting up.

PP is taking this is stride. Old hardware she says. No big deal. Everything backed up. Time for a new machine anyway. She wants to know what she owes me. ???

Nothing. Setting aside the enigma torment, what irks me most is that someone handed me a working machine and I’m about to hand back a not-working machine. That’s fucked. Worse is the potential that I might never know why. I must know why. Not knowing why means this will go on the list of other things that don’t have any answers. I hate that fucking list.

  • It’s a list of lost things—I had only one of these in elementary school. Mine was black. Lego only had one set with this piece and my brother and I fought over it because it was special and looked cool. The last time I saw it it was under my bed. Then it disappeared. Where the fuck did it go?
  • Choices I would have liked to think more carefully about before acting*
  • Fragmented memories. The memories kill me more than anything. Stuff before my brother was born that I can remember, but don’t quite make logic or even this realm because I was like one and half or two.

I took the machine apart with a bright white light I pinched off Meow’s sewing table. I spent almost two hours carefully checking, rechecking, and checking again each contact point. I removed a frightening amount of hair and crud from the bowels. I found out why the CD drive would eat CDs—it wasn’t really broken, the bevel was so warped it had become too narrow to let a CD inside. I went through the instructions on iFixit and read the comments six times looking for something, anything that could put a reason on this.

I confirmed that the battery is being charged from the plug, so the circuitry isn’t fried. It’s just not getting power or the power button isn’t working. The whole power button housing is one part of the top piece that includes the keyboard and costs $165.

When LG brought his machine over, the screen wouldn’t come on. When we pressed the power button, the hard drive would spin up, then spin down again. My guess was that the main board was fried and that turned out to be right. PP’s machine does nothing, NOTHING, when I press the power button. My diagnosis is bad connector, but there are only four of them and they are all “connecting” (as much as I can see).


Around 22.00, I officially gave up and called the machine DEAD. So on it goes, with the Lego piece.

The Daily Bullet


* Which will never include what I might have said or written otherwise; those things I can stand behind.

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