Day 419

Sunday | April 21st, 2013


Ramp-up before Midterm Exams and the paltry five weeks left (subtracting the Final Exams, review days, and upcoming holidays). Five weeks of actual work and less shenanigans than I’m comfortable with in this warming weather. All I had to do today, to really do, was a modicum of a sliver of a speck of the usual goings on and planning that have eaten almost all my Sundays for nearly as long as I can remember.

At what point did this shuffle to the front-top-leftmost position of my priority stack? Well, never, of course. I watched Game of Thrones with Meow and the dogs. We followed that up with back episodes of The Mentalist.


I took pictures of the dogs instead of working. The day was too nice, the air too warm, and the time too free to be shackled to work, however small. You see that puggy-wuggy there? He is pretending to sleep, but really he’s pouting because I won’t let him sit on my lap. This is cute looks #21 and #22 (yes, he’s been working his game lately, expanding his repetoire of “cute” looks to win greater concessions from me). He lets out little whines and the briefest of whimpers in these positions. I don’t buy this. If he wants more then he has to book it with the man on the next reincarnation cycle and come back as one of those gluttonously decadent world travelers I always see in the domestic concourses of American airports.

PP called in the late afternoon wanting to bring her laptop by for upgrades. Paid work is exceedingly useful in these lean times of Gyeongju living. Even with pressing work work to do, I still took this on with a promise to finish by Monday evening as a distraction from the business of procrastination.

Most of this upgrading went well, if one discounts the tedious Apple-induced steps of having to update entire OSes incrementally (e.g. from 10.5 to 10.6 to 10.7; instead of 10.5 to 10.7 directly). I was even able to double the RAM with parts on hand. But the CD-ROM drive didn’t work (adding another level of irritation). Thanks to LG, I had another Apple laptop, broken, on hand from the same year a PP’s laptop. It seemed fruitful to swap the CD Burner from LG’s machine to PP’s machine since LG’s machine has a fried main board. After talking it through with PP, this was the chosen course because, well, CDs are still useful.

So I pulled up the spec and teardown information from ifixit and the Optical Drive replacement guide and everything comes out easy. The swap is painless (mid-swap pictured at top). Getting all the screws back to their rightful places is easy. And then … I press the power button and nothing happens. A few more presses, new words are invented, and I resolve that I fucked something up and tear the machine down again.

I spent the majority of Sunday night before Exams, not preparing to listen to student droll on in busted English conversation, but tearing down PP’s laptop two more times. And still nothing worked. No boot. No joy. No nothing … crap.

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