Day 415

Wednesday | April 17th, 2013


Meow and I rode bikes around a little bit on my day off. Mostly we went in another big loop—this time to buy dog food (below). This is something Meow has been doing on her own with her bike since we hit Gyeongju and she found the closest place to pick up grits for Naughty and Twitchy. I followed her on her normal route and on the way back passed a Japanese admin building (hero image, top).


The architectural similarities and differences between traditional Japanese and Korean buildings is that the Japanese ones seem more ominous and darker as they lack the reds, greens, and ornamental designs of their Korean counterparts. But then, this building was for administration and not a temple. Google isn’t being very useful with a link comparing and contrasting the two with Chinese traditional architecture into the mix, but these image links show what I’m talking about:

I cleaned house a little, putting things where they needed to be mostly. Stuff like moving the folding table we borrowed from the Js to the outside and making better use the that space in the pantry since I’d move one of my old desks in there when redoing my room. On the floor of the pantry was a bunch of alcohol leftover (as was the folding table) from our house warming party.

I wanted to give the beer and soju away, but Meow insisted we keep it because it cost money (however small). The soju we can give to my MIL who’s never had the pleasure of the infamously nasty Daegu soju known to my gut and the rest of Gyeongsanbuk-do as Cham. Many nights of memory and days of activity in years 1, 2, 3, and 4 where lost forever because of this swill. It seems ill willed to do anything except pour it into the drain.

The beer is another matter (pictured, thumbnail). I won’t drink either Hite (aka Shite) or Cass (aka Ass) and neither will most people that I know. Unless it’s free. And right there. Being poured. What to do?

Have faith, that’s what to do. Later that night BM called to invite Meow and I over to have a drink, LG was on the way. Meow wasn’t leaving, so I went alone and took Shite and Ass with me.

BM, LG, and I drink both of them and had a mini party chatting about stuff and Cat, who that very day, had use the toilet properly for the first time ever and then again as we sat there drinking the terrible Korean beer.

The Daily Bullet

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