Day 412

Sunday | April 14th, 2013


It’s taken more than a year, but I made it up past the bus terminal under my own power and crossed the river (top). I biked there with Meow in the late afternoon. It was our first bike ride together, ever. I never saw need or use of a bike in Seoul, but I did have one gifted to me in the first year of Daegu. It was stolen at some point, I think. Or maybe I gifted it to another expat after I was fired. The bellows of Supercklin reveal little in this slice of time and a flittering 6-9 posts using the words “bike” or “bicycle” for the eight years of its life. I do know, nay, I remember that I once rode the mean side-streets of Daegu upon a derelict mountain bike to get to work (ah, split shifts—how i’d forgotten those!). That memory cannot—should not be false.


Meow and I biked in a big loop around the two rivers, through the grassy knoll where we walked the dogs on days we really loved them and needed the most exercise. It was a great sunset ride and for the first time I could really see and feel that this summer would be less constraining.


This was on top of a day that begin with a late cab ride to the campus and a walk up to a temple way in the back of things I haven’t been to yet for three hours of meditation coaching and breathing practice. What do you look at when meditating? Your nostrils, right or left (your choice) or your upper lip. I spent sometime in the first stint trying to stare through my cheeks to my upper lip. This was pretty fruitless and I tried looking at my nostrils, but I kept getting cross-eyed—that was a fun trick when I was young, today it was just really annoying. Once I let myself believe that Buddhist monks don’t know as much as they appear to, I gave up on looking focus and closed my eyes.

I was supposed to … roll each thought way, sort of like an internal letting go process, which sounds good, letting go. I’ve got lots of that to do. And I did this for a while, some minutes, maybe 10, maybe 137, who knows. Things come up that you don’t expect or haven’t thought of intentionally in years. But, I don’t want to let some of it go, I need to mull it further otherwise the experience of that particular hardship or riot and the lesson incurred would be lost (and me doomed to repeat it).


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