Day 408

Wednesday | April 10th, 2013


Save for sleeping in, there wasn’t nothing that could keep me in bed. I barely did anything on waking. Maybe donned some clothes for climbing around my office or getting a little dirty in.

I picked up where it all came to an end last night with two green shelves and eleven years of quality crap hoarded for my Korea life. It’s been too easy to chuck things in boxes and move to the next job—except for the leap to Seoul from Daegu where vital belongings were left behind or given up to others. It was all the kind of I can live without easily, but I miss when I see pictures of my old flats, or when I need to check if something is level and pull out my 1000원 (won) level from China that’s bent six ways from a good Christian life.

The reaction to all of this petty loss has been to become a hoarder. Each thing, no matter it’s deemed worthlessness has been kept, stored away in a box and then another box and another box until I have become a series of boxes of neglected belongs. The contents of each of these boxes is almost utterly unknown, but I know that they contain things I should let go of: birthday cards from past loves and disappeared friends; teaching materials from when I was just starting out; flash cards for things I no longer study; fragments of stories I thought were worth telling, then realized no one would listen; journals from those iffy times when a computer wasn’t always at my fingertips; pictures—analog pictures shot on TMAX 3200; and memories. Memories. That’s why I’ve left these boxes alone after I got married. Haunting memories, like mistakes slapping me in the face. There are so many of these from the last eleven years …

Leveling two green shelves made of particle board and Chinese tears didn’t take nearly as long as it did to get the pink shelf straddling them the line up and look straight in a crooked room when viewed afar. As with all of these things, there is a point where “good enough” meets “hungry” and that’s how things land for an indeterminate period of time.


Meow spent a lot of time telling me again and again how the furniture ajoshi carried the couch in by himself, and I got it pulled up and into my cave with greater effort than that (it was fucking heavy and fucking awkward and clearly not made of particle board). Unboxing it and getting the legs on was simple and as gleamed in my morning dreaming eye, the height of the back of the folding part (it folds down into a bed) sat right were the light switch used to be. This was a great pay-off since moving the switch to its secreted location took mere minutes and 10% of my effort. It was dropping the mechanism and having the copper spring pop out of a live wire circuit and trying to stick that back in whilst not wishing to also have 220 volts (16 amps) for lunch. This took about two hours, 90% of my effort, and spool of epitaphs large enough to connect the continents by way of the Atlantic Ocean. I did it with toothpicks, insulated needle nose pliers (both items from hoarding!) and Isotoner gloves.

Whatever I had left in me I used to drag the couch in and set it up. Then I found myself wanting to kick back and watch some downloads on my new couch, but this led me to find a little “more” and gather all the cardboard from the rearrangement and around the house waiting to be recycled (above, left) and drag it out to the curb. Two hours later it was being broken down by a guy on a bicycle with the help of his wife. They both had gold fever in their eyes.

I’d planned to stick my new rowing machine under the new couch and pull it out and row while watching tv, but this can’t happen because there isn’t enough clearance under the couch. For now, the rowing machine will stay outside (above, right) until I can figure out something better.

The Daily Bullet

Later, for some reason, it was time to take screenshots of strange and unused apps on my phone before deleting them. (Some sort of fake sorting of clutter …)


Daily Report

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