Day 407

Tuesday | April 9th, 2013


I walk by this game machine (top) every day that I make time to walk to work or to walk home. It’s like a lot of game machines of this style in Korea. Usually, you see them at rest stops or maybe a massive bus station because they are too tacky, scammy, and uncool to sit in airports or train stations. I think also the government frowns on these things in some way. Any who can’t agree with that? You put money into this thing and use rigged controls to manipulate a robotic device in vain attempts to knock an expensive goody off the shelf and into the tray below where it might fall out into the small hole where you can stick your hand and make the goody yours.

This one is on a funny alley-way corner on the main street adjacent to a meat soup restaurant. I don’t know how much action it gets but it’s damned hard to miss and easy to not think about all of this when passing by. Today I took a far shot (thumbnail) for kicks and to stick here somewhere. Then I got curious about what goodies where there. I lied, I have seen these at airports and they’re stuffed with iPods.

This one has the common assortment of crapy beauty products, faux Cartier watches … and Chinese legos! The ninja set is Lele and the other two are Enlighten. I checked for an official or semi-official site and neither outfit has one. I found the Ninjajo sets being sold on a gray market in the Philipines and this discussion on the morality of fake LEGO. Even if you despise fake LEGO, consider the the Auschwitz LEGO set before suggesting that fake LEGO has no place in this world.

I try to keep this site clean and only post my stuff, but this Chinese CNC set from Enlighten is just too fucking cool (note the parallel bars!) to not share:


Before work MS had given me a ride to the other side of the river to pick up a rowing machine I scooped up online for twenty bucks. After last winter of nothing-but-time, twenty bucks for a rowing machine sounds like the best way to pass my time when devouring entire seasons of certain television shows I never got around to watching (e.g. Mad Men, Sanctuary, Automan).

Plus, I figured once the furniture showed up and I reconfigured my room, I could easily slide it under the couch and then pull it back out again when I wanted to work on my gut. I had a meeting Tuesday afternoon so I hung around work all day. When I did get home, there was the furniture: one more green shelf and a red vinyl couch. I wanted to sort the whole room but it was already after 18.00 and carrying stuff in and out, hammering, and noisy are all no good (yet somehow no one but Meow has complained about the music …). This meant the furniture sat outside unopened, until tomorrow morning. I can appreciate and respect all the logic that went into this decision making, but I should have known myself better.

After eating and resting for an hour watching crap cop shows with Meow, all I wanted in the whole world was to sort my room, clean, unpack the furniture, and set everything up. Now it was after 20.00. So instead, I set myself on quieter projects. I took the front end of my bike apart after I got home after a discussion with BL over the squeaks it was making.

The last bicycle front end I took apart had crushed metal bearings that cost less than a dollar to replace. This bike has cheapo plastic bearing rings in the top and bottom with itty-bitty metal barrels that are meant to function like their metal ball-shaped brothers. I can’t see how this will last more than a year.


The squeaking, as it turned out, was caused by the top bearing (above, right) being out of shape and several of the itty-bitty barrels free floating in the housing ring. I put them all back in place, hosed the top and bottom with WD40 (the only lubricant around the house) and put the bike back together. I didn’t screw down the top nuts too much for fear of pushing out the bearings and giving myself the same squeaking problem again. Probably this will make the front end loose in the future and could damage or break the forks or mangle the frame if I do too much curb jumping. I had my first quiet test ride around the neighborhood shortly after.

This was in no way enough to tide me until tomorrow morning. I moved things away from the back wall of my room, unpacked the new shelf and brought it inside and fantasized about doing the bigger parts. I did as much as I could without making too much noise.

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