Day 402

Thursday | April 4th, 2013


Out biking tonight—after dusk to avoid a certain problem, I saw this (top). The pavillion thingy on top of the pile of rocks overlooking the river all dolled up for the night. Why? Who knows! The above picture is so poor and so exploits the weakness of an iPhone 5 camera, that Gyeongju and general failures of technology have finally given me a cause to wish I could pull out my Canon and a tripod. Imagining how much fuller and stunning this shot would be with a slower ISO and shutter and as RAW … grrrr. So when I go out again on my bike, taking a better camera is a must.


Speaking of photographs … here is a pile of like a hundred Corel (remember Corel?) photography/royalty-free images in numbered CD cases in the street. The scavenger in me wanted to take them all home, but the pragmatist would only let me walk off with six of them.

I chose these:

  • 604-2, Skies
  • 382-1, Castles
  • 612-1, Castles of Great Britain
  • 221-1, Flowers Close-up
  • 221-2, Flowers Close-up
  • 283-2, Space Scenes

I can’t say I chose these, it’s just what I took. Later, at home though, paranoia kicked in. What if these CDs consisted of illicit things (porn) or accounting books for the mob? I really shouldn’t be picking up digital materials off the street. Analog things can have their meaning and purpose ascertained with seconds along with a general idea of where they sit on various scales of “dirty”. Digital refuse is another matter entirely—digital things have to be seriously delved into as they can hold many secrets and those secrets can often be unknown to the possessor of the thing.

I popped “Space Scenes” into my computer, very apprehensive about what would be there. To my displeasure it wasn’t “Space Scenes” in the literal sense, but shots of “space” in the scenery sense. A cabin mostly buried in snow in a winterscape. A long shot of a farm with interesting clouds in the sky. Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera. All images could be accessed in their folders, but can with yucky Windows only 95/XP era software to load Corel’s propriety interface.

What lurks in the data, I still don’t really know. What lurks on the other five CDs, I’m not curious enough or worried enough to check it out right now.

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