Day 400

Tuesday | April 2nd, 2013


Got stuck today both in getting to work on time and then getting home. Something about the way these freshly cut trees looked in the sunlight (all three, below) compelled me to take a lot of photographs of them. They look like little moons floating in the shrubbery. Perhaps with more Photoshop manipulation, this idea can be drawn out further …


This leisurely snap-happy moment didn’t last very long though because Meow called to tell me my bike was waiting for me at home. The rest of what is usually a twenty-minute walk went by in about ten.


I stopped myself outside the gate to take a picture of the sky (above, left)—what’d be another minute or two waiting on a bike? Inside the gate, a giant box and two giddy dogs bickered for the first few seconds of ‘Daddy’s home’ attention (above, right).

As much as I wanted to tear into the box and get the bike in order, I made myself wait again to eat dinner with Meow. I tried to tell myself I’d wait until tomorrow so I could go wild all day, but day-off observation commitments and me made that impossible. Once dinner was shoveled in, I broke for the box.


Fresh out of the box (above, left) and smelling of cheap synthetic rubber, I realized I never had a new bike before. For a while I just let the bike sit so I could look at it and smell it some more. After a bit, I set the handlebars right and moved the shifter to the right side from it’s awkwardly left-side on the handlebar shaft shipping position. This is probably awesome positioning for right-handed folk, but it just made me think it would be an easy way to get in a wreck (taking my dominant hand off of the steering mechanism to fiddle with gear shifting).

The bike came with a tool to put on the peddles and another 6-in-1 tool to make adjustments to the seat and set the handle bars and, I guess, do other stuff. Neither of these tools provided enough torque, so I had to break out some of my tools to tighten the handlebars. Also in the box was a little saddle bag which is depicted on the website as hanging off of the back of the seat. It looks pretty cool, but I’ve got a super-simple seat that doesn’t have the loops needed to secure the saddle bag. (I may Mickey Mouse something.) I also got a bell, which I can live without.

When things were set, I tore out on the streets (above, right; hero image, top). Gyeongju looks different at night and now I’ve got a way to get farther out and see more of it when it gets warm.

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