Day 397

Saturday | March 30th, 2013


I got up today and sat in front of a computer to work on lesson plans. This is basically what I do every weekend: plan for the next week of classes. I knew this would happen before the semester started and I tried to get in front of this situation and have all the lesson planning done—or at the very least have it done for one class so I could focus on the other one and not see all the Saturdays and Sundays disappear for four months.

It didn’t work out like that. Meow was down for the count and I spent too many days either worrying about her or trying not to think of all the things that could go wrong, instead of working on this stuff.

So every Friday, I eat my vegetables and try to enjoy the rest of the day, but every Saturday, I get up, skip showering and plop in front of two computers, Dropbox, Teambox (the school server), and two ridiculously constructed “Conversation” books and try to sort the next week out. And, of course, I have one of each class on Monday so they both must be done before then. It’s a vicious cycle of suck.

Enjoy Gangwondo (hero image, top). This was taken on some Chuseok back in the days when we lived in Seoul and we hiked up this hillside to the right of the shot (which is not actually in the shot) to spread some soju around FIL parents (graves) and weed. It was a beautiful spot.

It’s both interesting and creepy that all of the Korean countryside is filled with dead people.

At some point in the evening Meow pried me away from all this and insisted we do our internet ordering. This has been on the docket for a while, but ordering things of the internet makes Meow crazy (imagine no PayPal and no 2-minute transactions, no credit card checking standards, being required to use either Windows XP or 7 with only Internet Explorer, and every site has their own proprietary software that you must install to make the transaction work, and that you’re not interested in knowing any of this stuff). When she’s willing to subject herself to this process, we order.

We ordered a second green shelf and a couch that folds down into a bed. Both of these things will go in my office (which has a big reconfiguration plan in the works). Meow and I have decided that she will be happier is she has a comfortable place to sit and watch movies with me. And the dogs will enjoy sleeping there and not pester me to death to constantly sit on my lap and love them when I need to make lesson plans. Plus, if we have a visitor, now they can bed down somewhere more private and not have to sleep on the floor.

While everything was open and Meow was in a good ordering mood, we ordered a bike for me, too. It has taken me almost three weeks to choose which bike I want and I finally decided the other day.

Now it’s a race to see what we get first, a shelf, a couch, or a bike. I have a feeling that the bike will come last. I tried to tell Meow that I wanted to wait and get the bike when I’m in Seoul on the 27th for a wedding because I think buying it directly and carrying back on the KTX will be faster than having it shipped to Gyeongju. Meow, she thinks I’m stupid. (But I remember the wardrobes …)

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