Day 390

Saturday | March 23rd, 2013


It’s not warm, but it isn’t cold either. It’s sunny at least and it’s nice to be outside on days like today. It’s just not enough. There was that one crazy day where it was 23 out and it seemed like the dark winter was going to be over. Maybe if I’d gotten outta bed earlier, got where I intended to go faster, and returned back home sooner, I’d feel differently.


Meow and I walked downtown which is kind of big in its own way because this is the first time since her surgery that we haven’t taken a cab to do what would normally take us fifteen minutes to do on foot. I wished that I’d taken a lighter coat when we left because it was so sunny and bright (even though Meow said it was cold).


I continue to put the new phone and more specifically, its camera sensor through the paces. I’m back to saving .tiff files mostly because the new phone can do it without crashing. This makes each shot between 6-14MB fat and eats up space, but hey, that’s why I always get the 32GB. For b+w, I’m seeing a little more detail and depth … not much, but enough to be noticeable. (Picture on the right is the same kind of plant as this one, just a different dilapidated home.)

Going downtown was really about getting more refills of sticky tape for the lint remover—once I thought it possible to live with two dogs and forego this dime-store item (so foolish). On the way there was also a stop at the stationery store as always. This time I picked up the biggest stapler they had (another thing I thought I could do without until recently), 15,000 staples to burn through, two different types of staple removers (I’ve been using my left thumb for as long as I can remember, but maybe there is a better way?), more pens (so much marking to do), new highlighters, and whatever else I was finally willing to admit I’d be better off owning and using.

We also stopped by a particular shop to expand on my original present for my niece. This led to a lengthy semi-discussion between Meow and I over colors and styles. She’d picked up an item that was exceedingly hideous in my opinion and insisted that it was the best one in the shop. Think mustard yellow faux-leather with an aquamarine and white paisley section and a blue and purple polkadot section. I’ve read enough Cosmopolitan DOs and DONTs to claim that I know what I’m talking about when I say, “Eeeeeew!” (Naturally, Meow loved it and thought I was crazy.)

The last stop before looping back home was the ‘every knick-knack for a few dollars because it was made in China by industrial slave populations and Japanese-owned’ store. A store which Meow told me we could no longer shop at last week because of a pile of rocks in the West Sea—apparently a few Japanese think the rocks belong to them. This makes all Japanese people perpetually evil—as opposed to generic evil.

And really, from a Korean perspective, I greatly empathize and agree, the rocks belong to Korea. But on the impression that Japanese people are evil, I lack the experience of Japan coming and stealing my land, banning my language, dissolving my government, demolishing my cultural heritage to build roads, exploiting their hegemony and power base inside my country to support a war my people aren’t vested in, and then on top of everything, buying from families made poor by this situation or outright kidnapping all the young women of my generation to be sex slaves for Japanese soldiers in that war I don’t know or care about. Without that framework in my mind and my parents’ minds growing up, I don’t fall so hard on one-side of the issue that I would let what amounts to a lexical bicker-fest over rocks in the ocean defer me from buying lint rolls at Daiso.


Meow and I had our Saturday outing dinner date at the Flying Shoe. I didn’t get the burger and tried the chicken panini instead. I probably should’ve had the burger. We had coffee and cake and talked about the house, the dogs, work, a growing circle of friends. It was a nice time. I only really wished the food was a bit better.


This place (above) is around our old flat. A letter has fallen off, so the sign reads 나 방구 (My Fart). It’s a great name, even if by accident.

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