Day 389

Friday | March 22nd, 2013


Fridays last year were blow-out days where I’d get up around 07.00 to shave and finish work around 17.00. I had three classes, two in a row, then a two hour break (which I used for napping for chocolate muffin consuming, but never for work), then a third class. The good thing was every Friday, half my week was done and the other half was easy-peasy sailing. The bad thing was, I’d sleep most of Saturday away.

Fridays this year are much more pleasurable. I still have to get up at 07.00, but shaving day is now Monday. I do two classes in a row, then, at the seemingly strange hour of 13.00 … I’m done. I find myself with almost 72 hours before I need to be back in class.

Three weeks of the semester are now in the done pipe. For the last two Fridays, I’ve gone to eat buffet with GD and BL. This week I rode in with MS and BL. Buffets usually suck money and healthy eating habits away. Buffets in Korea are almost always at “Western” restaurants like VIPS, Sizzler, or Bennigans. All the buffets have salad fixings, but too much other tempting junk. Think cheesy and fatty in trays for about 20 clams out of your wallet.


This buffet is an anomaly, compared to what I’ve had for buffets in Seoul and Daegu (but not Pohang!). It’s cheap—eight and a half clams outta my wallet. It’s also has more Korean food and more veggies than any buffet I know of. For three Fridays now, I’ve packed my belly with red chard, steamed broccoli, and tofu (above, left). For all the times when Meow has asked me over the years what I want to eat for dinner and I all really want is a big plate of greens, there is now a place where I can get that. And it’s in this faux-podunk town I happen to live in. This buffet has a bunch of Korean foods I find enjoyable that look delicious but I’m always eating plates of chard and broccoli so I haven’t gotten around to them … yet. They have tater tots, too. And those tater-tots are fried in the oil that the cooks use for the fish, so they’re extra yummy. I also like that they don’t have a ton of desserts. Just some roll cake, a modest selection of the cheapest fruits from China, plus fruit cocktail! No cookies, but they do have the rice drink I like, 식혜 (Sikhye) and the cinnamon drink I love, 수정과 (Sujeonggwa) in giant help-yourself vats.

They also have ice cream, but it’s more like Neapolitan flavored ice crystals (above, right) with a box of the cheapest and flimsiest plain cones that China could force three-year-olds and ninety-year-old blind women to make in an abandoned communion wafer factory in Tianjin. It’s like eating a snow cone and therefore, somehow, always refreshing after many vegetables and tater-tots.

It doesn’t disappoint, this place. I’m looking for a way to make sure I go there every Friday for lunch for the rest of the semester.


I met this dog walking home (above). He was sitting out front of some iffy-looking PC room that wasn’t a PC room but was set up like one inside. The dog seemed curious when I stopped and he stood up. But when I snapped his picture, he growled. Not very neighborly …

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