Day 388

Thursday | March 21st, 2013


I got up crazy early for going to bed crazy late. Maybe I had three hours of sleep. Maybe it was only two. (How am I supposed to keep track of this stuff?) I was dreaming, then I wasn’t. I went back to dreaming, then I wasn’t dreaming again. When I tried to figure out why, I remembered that the waking is the place I’ve got to be and the dreaming is where I am when I don’t got to be places. Once that construct is sorted, I can go about the business of greeting the day and getting where I need to go.

This morning that was out to watch another person’s class. Because I wanna learn more, that’s why. If I’m not gonna learn no more, then I ought to just go back to dreaming through all my days like when I was supposed to be in high school and a dozen other places in my previous lives.

After the class, I had to eat—Thursdays are long ones. I scored a coffee roll and a chocolate muffin. Breakfast of Dreamers. I devoured the coffee roll in time to get to my class, but it took some remembering during my three fooking office hours to get around to eating the muffin. Then, as a reward, my tummy gave me the burps.

It wasn’t all stagnation and sloth though. I got to watch the student interns from IT come with arm loads of computer equipment and try to set up the three newbies with gear and data streams. It was funny to watch them do Homer-esque “Doh!” constantly when the sick realities of wiring in my office came to light. ‘No power to desks 1 and 2? Doh!’ Then desks 1 and 2 get an extension cord. ‘Wait, there’s no socket near desk 3? Doh!’ Many exchanges and phone calls later a girl arrives with an armload of extension cords and all the desks have power. Repeat comedy as students attempt to connect now powered computers to internet. “Doh!”

They could have asked, but, as we all know: WHITE PEOPLE! ENGLISH! SCARY! I even told them, in Korean, that they needed a hub since ours was full of cords. And I tried to explain why that was when one of the students counted all the computers and the printer plugged into it and … “DOH!” There’s a server there, too, but they had no idea since they ignored me. So I sat in my chair, plantation style, eating my chocolate muffin, drinking water and watching the help.

Q: How many Koreans does it take to install and set up a computer?

A: Six. One to do all the work. Two to play with their phones. Two for moral support and averted glances from the cracker-factor. And one official, “Doh!-er”.


With IT finally done screwing with wiring and plugging, I put the speakers back in action. I’m sure this setup (above, left) is completely safe. If there is to be a cause of fire in Office 4 it will have come from passionate teaching (as Koreans often request I be—”passionate”).

So the newbies had school-issued computers and PP was doing the hungry-crazy dances (above, middle) so we bugged Meow about eating dinner out and a plan was made leaving just enough dillydally to bring the quality of office conversation to a unvisited gutter. (We gots to break-in them newbies.)

PP and I grabbed a luxury cab—they’re all luxury cabs now since the prices have been hiked higher than Seoul to a whopping 2800won get in fee. The restaurant wasn’t even open yet, so we stood on the corner (above, right) near the blanket shop, which is near the towel shop and bitched about work until Meow came upon us.

I didn’t know it at this point, but I only had about two hours left of “awake” time. I ate a ton of food, then scooped up more “Honky Oreos” from the store, sat down to grade homework, but ate all the Oreos® instead. Maybe I grew me a sugar coma because I was out. Sleeping in my office chair is about as comfortable as sleeping on the train.

Day over … Doh!

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