Day 385

Monday | March 18th, 2013


Monday wasn’t the day it was meant to be. I was supposed to watch LG’s class before my two, then hang out grading papers until after five and go meditate somewhere (and seriously try to take serious down a few notches). Instead, LG was sick, Meow was sick again (from pushing herself), and I left work early to hit the bakery and the pharmacy.


At the bakery, I was able to avoid most of the sweets, but still left with a blueberry muffin and a bagel plus the bread Meow had requested. At the pharmacy, I did what I’ve been doing all winter, passing my phone to the nice lady behind the counter so Meow can explain her symptoms. I think these people can see me coming and know when I walk up to them with a phone in my hand that my wife is sick again. Today the woman asked me in Korean if I spoke and understood Korean. Automatically, I said “a little”. Then she asked me in Korean if I spoke English to which I said nothing. Then, still in Korean, she asked me where I was from and I responded in blown-out, autopilot Korean. She stopped writing and looked into my face, “So you speak English, right?” I answered in Korean again before I realized she was using English. I apologized for my fatigue and got out of there.

This is like the ninth time I’ve gotten meds for Meow from this woman and every single exchange has been in Korean. The last time we talked about how many times a day Meow would take her pills and other fun details and this chat culminated in her “surprise” that I understood and could “reply”. Why start using English now?


I walked home very slowly, eating my blueberry muffin to prevent anymore people-talking-in-English-to-me brain fatigue farts. I took more pictures too.


Some of the pictures are of things I’ve been looking at or seeing for a few months now, but knew my dying camera would be up to the task of capturing my eye-view and that I would end up with some cruddy, demoralizing shot that would help me forget further the 50% point of keeping this blog (picture documentation). These last two are special though. On the left is the infamous green door (Day 282, Day 291). I’ve tried and failed to capture these colors on probably six different days in the last year. Whether it be the change in camera or the light finally shining just right, some thing gave, and at last I have proof of my eye-view. This other thing is tubing which hangs on this wall just so … I haven’t dared take a picture of it. I’m not in love with this one, but now I have a reference to try and capture it better.

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