Day 382

Friday | March 15th, 2013


What sucks about Friday is getting up around 07.something and having to teach for four hours. What sucks about Friday is also what is brilliant about Friday—after those four hours, it’s done. 13.00 and done with work.


But those four hours were a slog today. A slog too far when every drink machine I approached was either on the fritz or depleted of its most precious resource: Let’s Be (above). Crack in a can; I know it says “coffee” but it’s crack. Without it I’m prone to whiteboard spelling mistakes, word slurring, derailment, and a marked increase in verbal dyslexia. Sugar and caffeine keep the teacher-train on the track for four hours. Keep the train pumped with the Crack and the teacher-train can chug for 16-18 hours before food or rest is remembered. Life at the CEC taught me that.


This Friday, like the last, being out early meant heading over to the buffet. 8500 won all you can eat and they still have red swiss chard. I heaped a plate (above). Green veges are better than Crack in a can. I ate more tatertots this time. Kipple Bless those ajumas who either by accident or forethought deep fry those taters in the fish oil. I ate a ton of brocoli and tofu too.


With a working camera in my pocket, all of Gyeongju is my portrait again. I’m not sure what I was shooting here (above: left, middle, and right), but just knowing that I could see things again and take a picture of what was there was enough to make me snap these. I think it’s the bright spring light too, effecting me this way.


This house (above, both) … I saw it from across the street when I was first taking care of Cat. I’ve been meaning to come back this way, but with a faulty camera, I didn’t dare. Today, bright and sunny, suddenly there I was, out front.


Not stopping myself from shooting, the courtyard, again. This time as the sun is slipping away and the halogen street light has just come on and there’s a surreal eerieness about the scene. Next to Meow’s bicycle, the tiger waits for a wall …


Friday was also sort of so-so. Meow was in Seoul again. Another day with me and dogs. Another party that I went to alone. Another fun thing that Meow got to miss. This was an anniversary celebration for the guesthouse pictured (above, left). Meow wanted to go and visit and learn about the guesthouse business. Inside BM (proud owner of ‘Cat’) and TJ had a whole spread (above, middle and right) with wine and home-cooked food (below). I guess I expected chips and beer. And there were chips, too! With guacamole!


It was a good party and I drank but not nearly so much. I played with the dogs when I got home, then fell asleep in my chair with Naughty on my lap.

The Daily Bullet

This is about as close to a proper Daily Bullet as it gets. The first two were shot with 6×7 and the 3rd with the regular camera app. What’s eating me is the jagged lines and pixel artifacting going on. It was a minor problem before, but minor enough that it didn’t get to me. The same thing is happening with the hero image (top). Somewhere in my processing chain a crappy algorithm is working too hard and doing too little. I just hafta figure out who the culprit is …


Daily Report

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The Fourth Wall

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This Old Hanok

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