Day 379

Tuesday | March 12th, 2013


Another glorious 100 minutes of teaching English as a conversational crutch for the unimbued. I should have gone straight home and enjoyed my Friday (okay, it’s really a Tuesday, but without mandatory work the next day, it’s a Friday). Instead, I woke up late but with a solution to a problem and just had to test it out. This required me to do things like remember my password for the server, remember how to enable root, remember how the web server part of the server was set up, and other fun things totally forgotten in the last six months or so.

That sucked precious moments to regrow the connections to those decrepit neurons. Then, while the basic idea that I woke up with worked, it didn’t work as well, so a lot of tinkering ensued. A lot of unsuccessful tinkering where I swore at three different computers, Bill Gates, Seattle, the old tech guy, Netscape, Microsoft, and Canada (to cover all the bases of fault). Then I cursed all above things time and again and my coworkers for good measure, then back to computers for another spell. Lastly, I cursed myself for not remembering that I’d fucked with all of this mess last year, decided it wasn’t possible and secreted to let sleeping dogs lie.

And that would have worked, except the books were changed and that meant new files to be put on the server and my overhelpfulness tripped my brain and I wasted hours in front of a software scheme that was never intended to work universally all because greedy fucking companies in the 1990s tried to prevent audio files from being shared via the internet and the major players at the time wouldn’t agree on a format (file type) or a method (to put that file on a webpage).

Then I did what I thought of doing when I woke up this morning. It either works or it doesn’t—I no longer care.

The moral of this story is: one should always walk away from situations that would consume gobs and gobs more time than everyone bringing their own audio to every class in a year (which at the extreme would mean about 10,000 classes). The eight hours and approximately twenty-two minutes that would take is minuscule compared to the 60-100 hours I’d need to make the system work the way everyone wants it to. Keeping in mind that the actual coding would probably take around 20-30 hours to build and test and all the rest of the time would be spent debugging and sticking little hacks and tweaks into files.

Oh, the best part: I would be required to do all that in my work office because of the way the server and network are configured.

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