Day 373

Wednesday | March 6th, 2013


What should I do with my first day off (and only 117 days to go)? Well, I fancied going down to the river since the water level is so low that I can walk out to the middle of it. It seemed like a great chance to take some pictures of the temple on the hill since I normally can’t get that close from the other side.

But, last night I showed Meow the black spots on Twitchy’s belly and the black blob on Naughty’s belly and it was decided that we’d take them to the vet. Twitchy looks like she’s growing moles and Naughty looks like he’s been infected with “rage”.


Naughty always thinks we are going to leave without him (I have a few times), so he gets increasingly agitated when it’s Twitchy’s turn to get harnessed for a walk. Today I hung him on the gate (above, left) both to shut him up and to articulate that, ‘Yes, you are going, too. No, we won’t forget you because you’re closest to the door.’ He was very, very quiet until Meow came out and he whimpered as if being tortured, little fucker.

The vet said that both dogs had different types of skin conditions brought on by sleeping in the laundry room all winter. I’m just about ready to kick them out of there anyways, so this is good leverage for putting them back in their doghouses to sleep (even if they do bark and the cranky neighbor gets cranky and brings his cranky self over to dump a cranky old man trip on Meow—this time of course I’ll stand there with my “crazy foreigner” face and that’ll most likely be the end of it).

The dogs’ skin will get better with some meds. While we were there the vet reminded us of the law change requiring all pets to be chipped either with an implant or a fugly collar with a chip. We got the dogs implants mostly because that is the cheap way and they can’t chew it up because it’s on the inside.

Although I’ve read a few whiny things about the new law, including an opt-ed by a Korean, it was really straightforward. The vet had the forms and a box of barcoded syringes. The dogs got antiseptic to numb the injection point, they got a needle to drive in the implant. After that it was like a FedEx package: one barcode went on the government form, one went on their medical record, and the last one went home with us. The dogs got scanned and they both beeped. All done. They were totally blown out when we got home (above, middle and right).

Meow crashed out too, leaving me with the afternoon off. I tried to sit and play a game, but it was too nice and warm outside. I worked on the garden fence until dinner time. We ate squash stuffed with rice and medicinal herb and duck stir-fry with MS & J. MS ate only the veges and I only had a few pieces of the duck as my revulsion of meats has increased since moving to Gyeongju. I’m still not sure why, but beef is something I won’t/can’t even eat anymore. I can and will eat a hamburger, but the bbq stuff or steak and the like make my stomach cringe. Chicken is okay in moderation or protein starvation. Pig is okay in certain forms and cuts, but only if I don’t think about it too much (kind of like my relationship with eggs).


Gyeongju city seems to have replaced the halogen bulb in front of our house. It is this bright (above) all night now. In one sense this is annoying, especially in the bedroom. But it’s also comforting, hanoks get burgled at a significantly higher rate than apartments or villas or even proper houses and have forever. Having a really bright street light to light up your courtyard is a plus.

The Daily Bullet

No filter business on this photograph—this house is actually just really green. After suffering the loss of my favorite building in Seoul, it’s nice to find another replacement (and it’s only around the corner, too).


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