Day 372

Tuesday | March 5th, 2013


Last night I got exactly what I wanted, what I needed: sleep. Oh, I woke in the wee hours and fancied getting up and working, writing long overdue letters, filling in the missing days of this blog cranking out more lesson plans and such. I played Sudoku instead. I allowed my brain to tire once more and gave my body and back what it needed, rest and triple my regular work week sleep.


I taught for 100 minutes (a single class) and then I hung around for another 3-4 hours doing odd tasks and answering questions like an old hat. On the walk home I saw a tiger (above) and I wanted to take him. Looking at it closer though it was more 70s camp than anything. The tiger wasn’t painted; it was that plastic netting that people used to get and then use knitting needles and yarn to weave a pattern or a tiger. Wanting crap and carrying home are different kinds of ugly. And had already taken another piece of living room camp from the same spot a few weeks earlier (read about it someday in those missing posts). One must limit themselves a little for the sake and sanity of their partner.

Later, when Meow couldn’t sleep, I showed her my tiger. She loved it and I put clothes back on and dashed out to the street. It was still there and I carried it home.

The Daily Bullet

I grabbed the mirror while I was out there too. Meow loved it even more than the tiger. She wants to clean it up and paint it white.

I feel like it’s going to be a great spring …



Daily Report


Daily Report

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The Fourth Wall

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This Old Hanok

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