Day 345

Wednesday | February 6th, 2013


Perhaps, if I had been interested in getting work done today I would have gotten to my office sooner and plowed right into the business of reinstalling software. But somewhere along the dreamscape I had decided this wasn’t prudent, that I should know exactly what model of machine each person had and gather all the related support software first and then put all that onto the big thumb drive I just got and didn’t really understand why. There was a lot of fiddle-faddle before I even showered and dressed, then more before I left the house. The walk was also a sort of dawdle—it was a really beautiful day. Not warm, but tolerable because of the light and the promise it seemed to give that spring would be here soon and I would be able to sit in my chair at home, with a laptop and my feet up and no plastic over my door.


The light (above) with misery and its rain in the distance, lurking, waiting for light to do its thing, then drift off to the ocean or rainbowland. There’s some nice refraction in this valley. Next summer, this summer, I need to get a bike and get to some of the other little valleys and see this light doing more of its thing.


At the office the power has been in and out because of construction. It seems that some parts of the building are being weatherproofed and getting new windows. This is not happening to my office. Maybe some of my classrooms won’t numb my toes before spring gets here.

I did little because I came in late. I moved the server I’m responsible for to an office with a reputable power supply. I gathered all the computers to work on and wrote down their model numbers as per the dream-thought. I labeled their machines and left them on the table (above) and took the picture just in case (they were misplaced, stolen, etc.). When I finally get to my trial, I’m gonna need something to show.


The walk home, equally light-filled and noteworthy. The crack (above, right) now thawed has experienced some collapse and the tip of the would be island (or was it meant to be a jetty?) is succumbing to the poor civic planning of its birth and the natural forces of erosion.


Another reason not to plow into computer fun was Meow and our plan to go to our new favorite place—the hardware store. (Yes, I keep forgetting to take other pictures there.) With the nicer and brighter weather Meow has gardening on the mind. Stealing rocks from the river isn’t enough, either, she is ready to plant.

Planting means seeds and little baby plants. Little baby plants need protecting from pesky dogs who will eat anything not just because it might smell good or bad, but will eat anything because it’s there! We went to the hardware store for chicken wire and stakes to build a fence in the two gardening spaces. Chicken wire was easy, but stakes took a few tries to translate between Meow and I and the hardware dude. What we got where meter-long piece of rebar with a loop at one end and vampire killing point at the other. We got twelve of them and I carried them to the taxi and then from the taxi down our little street into our courtyard. Twelve such stakes are about 40,000won and dang heavy.

We also got the little things, two lengths of concrete nails, a new shovel (the one that came with the hanok is the official pooper-scooper), some concoction which passes for a hoe and came out as ‘hoe’ when the three-way translating was done but looks more like a pitchfork that’s been bent at a right angle. Will it still hoe like a hoe? I worry that it’ll hoe as good as a rake …

The Daily Bullet

My school building, sans windows. It’d be nice if it could stay this way.


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