Day 344

Tuesday | February 5th, 2013


This day is almost a null day. I did the only thing left to do. Or at least, I tried to find the motivation and interest in starting to do it.

I knew in December that vacation would turn out like this. How much could I do in winter, actually, if I tried? Most of the bigger projects are warm weather projects and the web projects … it’s too cold in this room to sit for days on end mincing my way through PHP or through dream > concept > design > site process. My head’s gone all dull from the weather like winter-stayers in Antartica, deprived of the sun and warmth, sitting and staring slack-jawed fastly becomes the way to count days.

In light of this foreknowledge and analysis of the self, I concocted tomorrow’s project to keep me a little busy and occupied. It’s simple, go into work, round up seven machines, use all my office mates’ plugs to fire up these machines, and reinstall Windows. All seven of these people have suffered, some for years, with a machine in Korean. All the main software, all the menus.

Every problem must’ve been a snickering child coughing up obtuse Microsoft blathery that is difficult to decode even when it’s in your own language. And Windows machines are too good a spewing messages for every occasion, ‘Your disk has be safely ejected’, ‘randomStupid.dll has caused an execution error at b09332’, ‘Do you want to take the Windows XP tour?’, ‘Can’t read CD-ROM in drive P:’ It’s a barrage of endless and meaningless. And people still try to tell me how great Windows XP/7/8/RT is all the time. No, it isn’t. It’s fucking stupid. It’s like having a nagging wife on your desk constantly second guessing your every action. To describe this as hate would be the understatement of eternity.

I like machines that don’t tell me what’s going on because I don’t fucking care what’s going on. I only care that it’s working.

This is why I like the machine I use to write this blog, it’s silent. It never bothers me with anything, all its little computer problems and alerts are logged into a file I can read … or not. I only read it when something goes fooey, but it too is a lot of endless and meaningless. This is why I like my phone, the silence.

I went and got ice cream today, probably out of boredom more than actually wanting to eat ice cream. Since Naughty’s sickness he’s learned, good things come in containers. Things that comes in containers that Daddy eats with a spoon over and over and over are really good things. And so, Naughty barked and growls when he thinks he deserves a good thing and is being robbed of it by fuckers.

This time I wasn’t having it, instead of tearing up the container and giving to the dogs to share and fight over for the next few hours, I leaned over and jammed the whole, empty container on his head (top).

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