Day 343

Monday | February 4th, 2013


When I’m working or watching something and Naughty wants to sit on my lap and I won’t let him, he growls and barks at me (like he is right now). Sometimes, when I’m using my laptop I intepret those growls like, “You fucking fuck! Get that silver fucking cat off! You need to hold me and hold me now.” In the old days (they seem old now because life in Seoul, all seven years of it, seems so far gone), he would get fed up after a while and, staring right at you, he would piss or shit on the floor. This is how I know what he’s thinking.

Today when I was ignoring him with episodes of Supernatural or hunting for drivers online, he wouldn’t let up. He knows that if he does any pissing or shitting in my room, he’ll never be allowed back in. So he growls and barks. It’s his last weapon. Some dogs would resort to tearing stuff up, but he’s already done that—twice.

But he just wouldn’t stop. All he wants is to sit on my lap, to be warmer, to be closer, but sometimes, a pug on my lap for hours and hours is not what I want. Today I scooped him up and plopped him next the silver cat. He shut up, so I went one better: I gave him my pillow too.

And there he sat, quietly, for the rest of the day, watching Daddy. Being close to Daddy and (this is the important thing) having a special place to do that that Twitchy couldn’t have. When you’re getting shit from other people, it’s always more valuable if only you can get it.


LG came by for a bit and dropped off his fried machine. My store bought Snow Leopard DVD (above) had been stuck inside of it since spring. I may never use the disc again, but somehow at the moment that I committed to spending 40,000won on it in a store like four years ago, makes it valuable and worth having around. Then again, how many people actually bought the thing? I had to take the machine and the DVD burner apart just to get the disk. Naughty is just like his Daddy.

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This Old Hanok

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