Day 341

Saturday | February 2nd, 2013


This is what walking to the bathroom looks like in the winter (top) if I go to bed before sunrise and get up before Meow. It’s eerie.

Finally a day came along where I was up at a regular time and Meow wasn’t laying in bed sick. I really had begun to think that every day of our first joint vacation in two years would be washed by one of suffering our personal bad habits at the expense of the enjoyment of our partnership and whatever plans we make together.


It was sort of a short order, but an errand nonetheless which took us downtown by way of walking. I like walking with Meow. She thinks I hate it, but I don’t. I like to walk with her because we always get good talking in. I also like walking with her without the dogs. The dogs are like work, especially walking Twitchy (and Kipple save you if she ‘thinks’ she sees a bird!).

I took a picture of this alley (above, left) once before. Sometime last year in the spring or summer. The right side building is painted this deep forest green. It’s beautiful, but photographed like crap which is probably why I can’t find the picture on this blog—and I looked from Day 6 to Day 158 too. Every post between them, I looked. If it’s not here, it’s because the picture wasn’t good and I hated it. What’s funny is that this was the first shot of the day in B+W … how did I know not to use color here?

We passed a pharmacy and I had Meow buy more meds for herself (above, center). Being as sickly as she has been lately and saying that she needs to take meds, isn’t the same as actually having them. Korean DIY amazes again (above, right), with this faux tricycle. From what I can see, 3-wheelers are abnormally priced here (if you’re gonna gouge people, you might as well gouge them for being different, right). Some clever old man put this together. What isn’t pictured is the massive rack on the back which justifies the two wheels on the sides of the main one. It’s a DIY delivery bike.


On the left, the electricals and the gas main. There is a distinct lack of healthy teenage mischievousness in Korea. I can just see the whole building suddenly without gas and calling the landlord to bitch. He comes by looks over all the tenants, lots of bitching back and forth. Landlord insists he is aboveboard, the bills were paid. Finally, someone calls the gas company. The technician comes out and looks over all the tenants. More bitching. Hours later, the technician inspects the line outside the building, turns main back to “open”. This is the thing about critical thinking, working things from the source, not the result. In a critical thought process, a lock on the gas main would be obvious. In result-based thinking, the problem is at the end, with the person who knows not about the “magic” inside because that person is not the technician.

After our errand, Meow was hungry and we decided to try the place next door (above, center) to the stationery store. The name of the place was “Open Snack”, yet the business itself was closed. We tried the door many times like broken, result-based thinking people, but alas, yes, the contradiction stood: the Open Snack was closed.

Fear not! Hot plates consisting of ramyeon noodles, rice sticks, boiled eggs, boiled cabbage, boiled carrots, and everyone’s favorite 오뎅 (o-deng, hotdog of the sea), can be had just about anywhere. Meow had the 돌솥비빔밥 (dol-sot bee bim bap, rice with vegetables and an egg yolk served in an oven hot stone bowl) which looked pretty good, but I’d already eaten rice for breakfast and now wanted only junk food (above, right).


While we were eating, Meow took time to complain about my hair (above). She hates this style. It’s either this or the pompadour, I always tell her. I like it this way sometimes; very low maintenance.

The Daily Bullet

At the stationery store, I picked up a new mouse (mice, another topic for another day). This one is flat and has the scroll wheel on the side. The cord is retractable. I felt I couldn’t leave without something so curious looking.

At home though, out of its packaging, the thing weighed as much as a snowflake. I like a heavy mouse. I like to feel I’m maneuvering something of substance. So I opened this one up and devised a way to install the heaviest, twisted of (red) tape covered wire I could find (below, left and center).

In the evening, PP came over for drinks, bringing with her a friend (below, right) she was dog sitting. This time Twitchy wasn’t so good and Naughty … well he is just an antagonizing and aggressive butthole sniffer and other dogs don’t care for that so much. They were both tossed outside for a while. This darling got to stay inside.


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