Day 339

Thursday | January 31st, 2013


I was up a bit late again. When AB was over a few weeks back he picked up my XO and asked if it was what he thought it was. It wasn’t charge and hadn’t been for a while. Sitting around in my room last night, dogs walked, Populous played to the point where I didn’t want to see it anymore, no new tv shows to watch, boredom kicked into high gear. It was then that I picked up the XO and realized that I finally had the time to really play with it into the hours and days, weeks if I so choose.


The last time I’d really used it was during the first block of classes for the FSUKU (then FSCKU) program. I knew that I would need a laptop and so wanted that laptop to be my cute green XO. But the OS hadn’t matured and I lost data both when writing papers and taking notes in class. Not good at all. The XO went on a shelf and I picked up my current MacBook Pro a few months later. In remembering all this, I wondered how far the project had come in the past two years and I looked up the latest Sugar build online.

I had build 767 installed (above, left), but the current version was at least six releases later (and renumbered) at 12. My Sugar build was 0.86, the current build 0.98. Those are big differences in Linux terms. What followed was an all night struggle to update my system and having it not work, trying by SD card and having it not work (above, right), then giving up and getting myself to bed rather than stay up into the morning again.


Naturally because of this late night computering push, I slept in again. I could hear Meow outside all morning. She’d concocted a plan the previous day to carry rocks back from the riverbed for her garden. ‘Don’t kill yourself, and you can’t use your right hand because it hasn’t healed yet,’ was about all I had to say. When I did get up, Meow rushed me outside to look at her fine work. The front bed (above, left and right) was de-pooed and she’d build up the wall to keep the dogs out.

In talking about how we wanted things, what Meow wanted to plant, how to keep the dogs from sniffing and pooping and peeing on our vegetables, we got around to making some real plans. We also brainstormed our long term plans and resigned ourselves to the shorter, more budget conscious intermediary ones for our first year in this house. Where there is a yucky, semi-rotting, roofed area (hero image, top), there will someday be a nice deck. But this year, it will be torn down in the spring and temporary plants put there along with a composter (assuming a tumbling one could actually be purchased in Korea). We will also build up the wall with some fiberglass to keep our douchebag-dog-hating neighbors from gleaming into our yard.

The Daily Bullet

Cat … up to his mischievous self, thinks he’s gonna make off with my mitten.


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