Day 334

Saturday | January 26th, 2013


Yay! Meow is finally done working and we can play, play, play!

… grumble … grumble

No. All plans must be flushed down the toilet. Again. Meow woke up sick. Again.

In my sleepy, stayed up until 6ish, trying to get up at 9ish head, this didn’t make any sense. But, once up and showering, it made total sense. Our rolls were reversed. Instead of me working myself to death at the CEC and then when vacation rolled around and Meow waiting to play with me and me just crashing and sleeping for 6-7 days and being sick, now it was the opposite. Not the exact opposite, but annoyingly close to it. Now Meow has these things called festivals, which run her into the ground and suck all her energy and she compensates the best she can (the best I could): by shoving her body full of crap food, keeping crap hours, and over-stressing all the uncontrollable variables. Once the body has a chance to slow down, the only course it can take is to collapse in sickness.

I had tentative plans to meet a satellite-Seoulite in town for an interview at the PDF, so being up was good for Meow as I could go to the pharmacy and pick up drugs for her. This is the third time I’ve been to the pharmacy to pick up things to make Meow better. All I’ve done for myself is buy cherry Chapstick. I’ve been done for one day total probably because I forgot to wash my hands after touching all the keyboards during camp. The difference of not working around sick children in the dead of winter has done wonders for me. I just wish Meow didn’t have to suffer so much.

The day was extremely bright and sunny and deceptively cold. The wind was like daggers on my ears when I stepped out to the drugist. On my way downtown to meet the Seoulite though, a hat came in handy for the first eight blocks or so, then it was too hot even with the wind.

This was the first time to meet this Seoulite. We got along well and I hope the PDF takes him as it would mean one more for the not-prima donna column; not full of thyself; not estranged from the ideas of work, collaboration, and long curriculum planning.

Since Meow was down and I’d been waiting to hit the stationory store with her and my meeting had taken me downtown anyway, I went without her. I didn’t have my list of things I needed and Meow called after I’d been there for about ten minutes staring at scissors, trying to remember why I needed to come here so bad. I still made off with a thumb drive, two pairs of scissors, clear glue, and more red tape. Back at home, I made Korean radish and sprout soup for Meow—a first for my Korean cooking, time being the necessary ingredient to afford such decadence.


In the evening I fed Cat. He’s taken with people now and becoming a Master Snuggler. He can even be picked up wihtout needlessly clawing his benefactor(s), although, that doesn’t mean he’s learned to enjoy this type of affection (above, right).

On a small note, today Meow and I were supposed to take Naughty to the vet. For some reason he has a golf ball-sized lump above his right shoulder. Meow thinks it’s from when she dropped him a while back. Maybe it’s from hitting him too much last weekend. We’re not sure. I noticed it a couple of days ago. It doesn’t seem to bother him … The vet will have to wait until Meow feels better, so maybe Monday.

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