Day 33

Saturday | March 31st, 2012


Saturday was meant to be “organize the (home) office” day, but it ended up being “listen music loudly” day. It’s nice to listen to music again with the speakers cranked up good and bassy. Nicer still that Meow (not a speaker fan) doesn’t have to suffer as the layout of our new flat absorbs much. At our old place the building ajoshi didn’t like noisy college kids which is why we got the flat. Except for movies, everything was headphones only, unless I was at the CEC. I don’t blast my musical preferences all around, but it’s nice to hear good music loud sometimes.

When we went out to walk the dogs, I tried to walk in different parts of the park as the scenery down by the river is getting a little too much same-same: red path, yellow path, green path, grass, stone, grass, weed, bench, grass, water, stone. I got a first good look at the river …

Meow is right, this river is nasty, but I still think if it gets hot enough this summer we’ll find a few people swimming in it anyway. Or maybe this wind will keep blowing and keep things livable, unlike Daegu and Seoul.

Later, Meow did her laundry then enlisted me to hold her clothes while she clipped them to the clothesline on the roof. It was her first time to ever put clothes on a line outside of a veranda. We talked while doing this and many myths were dispelled on the spot (e.g., no the sun will not kill the germs).

This is the only picture I took today that I have any respect for.

Being a wildman, I drink my blackberry-raspberry wine alone; Obama as my copilot.

Late at night we both had a deep craving for sweets. I like to think of this time as ‘getting clean’. In a lot of ways that’s true, the air is cleaning our lungs; the bigger house is giving everyone the space they need to live happier (dogs included); my new job is letting me figure out who I am now (which is very different from who I was before the CEC); not scooping up snacks at will. I know I’m not going to the store because I’ll walk out with something I don’t need. But what to do late at night when we both want something? The answer was to make waffles, but then we ran out of mix. Probably a good thing. After pondering it in the back of my head for a bit, I tweaked my biscuit recipe with a little more butter and sugar for scones!

We at them in about six minutes. Meow got frustrated with the picture she took because she couldn’t make her picture look pretty. I used this want in her to introduce some cool technology upon her (iPhone). She has an Instagram account now, but she’s sensitive about people looking at anything of hers on the internet (pretty much the opposite of me).

The Daily Bullet

I’ve been trying to get a nice shot of this building since we landed; today I thought I trapped it in a silly comparative. Wrong, so wrong. Both snaps were shit, so this Daily Bullet is a bit of revenge …

Daily Report

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The Fourth Wall

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This Old Hanok

When we had the bathroom done, we wanted to design our own window for the part of the wall which straddles the storage space along the side of the house. This way we could have clean airflow through

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