Day 328

Sunday | January 20th, 2013


In the morning I got a call from Meow saying I would have to be up to help bring in the kimchi. That’s fine by me. I will do whatever I can to aid in the resupply of kimchi. Westerners often lament the loss of dill pickles and I do, too. But I also love sweet pickles just as much, partly because I love a lot of pickled things—especially vegetables—and sour things. Naturally, when I’ve found good kimchi, I’ve made it a part of my diet. MIL’s kimchi is the best I’ve ever had (every guy says that about his Korean MIL and I challenge them to a taste off; seriously, let’s settle this shit once and done).

MIL made so much kimchi and I got to transfer it from her monster containers she sent her son and daughter off to Gyeongju with to the empty containers with our kimchi refrigerator. MIL made:

  • a giant thing (like 10 liters?) of 물김치 (mul kimchi, water kimchi: cabbages, onion tops, chestnuts, dates, Asian radish, and a few red peppers in water—the best part: drinking that pickly water).
  • a giant thing (same size) of regular kimchi (cabbage, onion tops, ginger, and lots of red pepper sauce—the best part: when it’s fried up with rice and served with an over hard egg).
  • a smallish thing (say 4 liters) of 깍두기 (kkakdugi: same as regular kimchi, but no cabbage, instead it is mainly the Asian radish chopped into squares and fermented—the best part: just eating this without anything else).

There wasn’t much else to do since the house was clean, kimchi refrigerator happily restocked, wife home, house clean. Yeah, Meow was shocked and awed by how clean and good smelling the house was.

In the evening, I fed Cat, again, the only picture worthy event of the day. (Well, mucking with the kimchi would have been great for pictures, but I was a tad, just a tad, hungover and wasn’t thinking about much at the time.)

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