Day 326

Friday | January 18th, 2013


Even though there were four tests lined up in the afternoon, I still had to roll in around 13.00 and kill one more lowly hour in the computer lab. I wandered a bit, sort of not sure what to do with myself after weeks of preparing tests and sorting the products (audio files) of those tests.

It was in the back of the room, piled on a chair that I saw the keyboard covers. But they reminded more of shedded snake skin, then of the left behind when growing larger skin of the Alien and their rubbery feel and slight stickiness only made me look up at the vents, snakes forgotten.

Somehow on the last day of using the lab the door handle came off the door. Most students figured it out and came right in or knocked loudly so I did it for them. The last group was a different story and I had my headphones in trying to get through tagging the files so even if they banged on the door, maybe I didn’t hear them. Anyway, they didn’t show up. Instead the admin from my department, CN, came with an ETS official tester to reconfigure the lab for the official TOEIC Speaking Test to be given tomorrow. CN tracked down the missing students while I purged our files from all but the 3-4 machines I would need. The ETS guy looked at all we were doing pretty funny like. When the students came and sat down and I get them into their last mock test before the real thing on Saturday though, the guy took a much more serious look at what we were doing. I think his smile was genuine interest and support of what we were doing, rather than bemusement at amateur hour. The last student was late and as he took his test, CN and the ETS guy seemed to be talking seriously in the back. If he was smart, the ETS guy would be asking lots of questions.


After breaking everything down and packing up my gear, I had to return the headsets to the main office and pick up AB’s collection of receipts from all the tests he gave in the morning during the camp. Receipts (above) for a minor league comparison: on the left, the receipts from summer camp; on the right, the receipts from this camp; the two red clips are AB’s receipts, the yellow and pink hold mine; I worked the summer camp alone. Visually, this looks like a fuckton of testing.

The receipts are my way of tracking how much work we did, how much our part of the camp was actually used, and to give some sort of basis for the statistical gathering of how-manys, how-oftens, and what-does-it-means that has become a hobby of mine since working at the CEC. If I can take that information and graph it, even better. What looks like fuckton of testing by sight will probably turn out as something different.


On the last walk over the bridge for a while (I’ve got about six weeks off now), the land below, cracked much worse than noted on Day 315 and Day 319.

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