Day 32

Friday | March 30th, 2012


It’s like someone flipped a switch and now we have warm air instead of cold. There was no transition period, no gradual ascent into spring. It was winter on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Then on Thursday evening when I walked home in balmy air I thought, ‘This won’t last.’ But Friday morning I left in a suit, totting a bag along with an umbrella. By the afternoon it was the Gyeongju drizzle I’ve come to know and remember as Eugene rain, but with balmy air.

It’s nice to not wear a jacket again. It was also nice to walk home, even if in the rain because it was warm. I cheated and took the bus part way; a dirty suit won’t do.

The picture below is of an old wall right by our flat. I see this all the time and want to take a picture of it, but the light is never right or I think the image will turn up flat no matter what I do. Today, the light was coming through the clouds just so and the rain had peeled off the stinge and all the colors were vibrant. What I had always thought of as a good B&W picture turned out to be a color one.

There seems to be a lot going on there. I already know that once it warms up a bit more, I’m going shooting with my Canon, which means I’m going to mired in Photoshop again processing the RAW files, but there’s just more there than the iPhone 4’s usually good enough 5 megapixels can suck up. The light meter is a bit better too. I may even try once again to find a replacement for the Canon (they stopped the line after producing the S80 which was less powerful and less adept than the S70) to get ahold of a sensor with 12 or more megapixels. That’s a ways off in money and time though.

I fixed the big computer-grrrrr generation machine at work. That was at least rewarding in the sense that I now know a bunch more UNIX (thanks Apple) and Linux (nice to meet you, Ubuntu) commands and that shit will reappear on my CV for the first time in almost ten years. And of course, like all “techno marvels” of this broken age, first the info was wrong, then I wasn’t using the tech properly. Somehow working on a remote server will never be as easy (or as fun) and taking apart a lawnmower engine and putting it back together again …

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