Day 316

Tuesday | January 8th, 2013


Another episodic exercise in banality also known as ‘From Whenth Computering Taketh Life’. Everyone wants some of my testing candy today. This week is going to blur time and work into one lingering bitter splinter of wood on my tongue. It’s the only week where I have to work all five days at this TOEIC stuff, but that’s not saying much as I’ve found little difference between working this gig in the summer alone and now, in the winter, with a partner. This camp still treats me and my precious sense of selfiness and time like Unicron treats planets (it gobbles them whole).

Outside the computer lab everything is still frozen over in the shady places making it difficult to traverse a path home. It was on NYE that I thought I’d make short time on the hospital side of the street only to find that I’d forgotten somehow that on this particular bend of Gyeongju the sun does not visit. In the summer this bend is a great refuge from the swelter and the encroaching sunburn. In the winter after a snow storm it is a death trap. Still, even when treading on the other side of the road, each step must be precalculated to land in a de-iced section so I don’t land on my ass.

We are at a standstill then. Winter is here, the snow has fallen and tips its longest finger up at all the people and vehicles each day. The ground is shovel resistant (not a good time to bury the bodies) and there is a Snowy patchwork everywhere (hero image, top).


Today I went to BM’s in the evening. LG was supposed to be there too, but it was just me and BM and a bottle of vodka and a pile of snacks (above) in the end. That’s good, too, it gave BM and I a chance to really talk and get to be better friends.

BM is off to Canada for a month and needs peeps to tend to the feral street kitten she scooped up from a frigid starvation a few weeks back. LG, JH, BL, and PP are all otherwise engaged in various shades of work, vacation, illness, or debauchery. This leaves me, partially engulfed in the mess of TOEIC camp and very conveniently (it turns out) living three doors away from BM. So I will take care of Dalki (딸기, Korean for strawberry) until the others are free to pitch in.

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Daily Report

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The Fourth Wall

I’m here and alive. Ten days behind the reality of my written life, yet here and alive. TOEIC is the predominant motif of life from the end of the semester until … today. This is the end, after

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This Old Hanok

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