Day 31

Thursday | March 29th, 2012


Another long day, only since I woefully placed trust in Meow to wake me after twenty minutes the night before, and was allowed to sleep for three hours, and stayed up until after 06.00 this morning, bedding down in the morning light with an 07.26 alarm, and only got about 16 minutes of sleep … it was a really long day. I didn’t really feel it though. I just plugged along like it was a short day at the Cosmodemonic Education Company.

I had a headache most of the morning, the current quickie fix of a 500 won (44¢) can of “Let’s Be” can coffee. It’s no doubt 40% sweat from migrant worker fingertips at a rubber factory in a sub-sub basement and 10% burnt McDonald’s® coffee grinds and 38% sugar/crack and some other stuff, yet it’s magic, a real headache killer. I suspect it also cures impotence, SARS, and the common cold, too. Everyone can expect a case of it for Christmas.

I finally accomplished a nasty little task today which has gobbled up more free time than anything I’ve yet to attempt in Gyeongju except for sleeping. The nut of it is, I did it wrong and have to spend part or (sweet god no!) all of my two hour break tomorrow. Grraahaadgggggbbbbrrcckxxxx tththtttttfffffbbtt!

At this point I have three things more than anyone else I know:

  • Google (don’t ask)
  • Networks (the metaphysical idea your computer connects to so you can find the internet)
  • Computers (believe it or not, knowing a lot about computers used to be a beneficial thing, but it’s fast becoming a lot like saying I know how to fix your toaster and everyone’s toaster can’t make toast consistently)

When I got off work, it was dark … and warm. All of the air was warm spring air blowing through the campus and the hills. I had been inside the same building since 09.00 and now it was after 19.00. Inside the building my fingers were cold; outside I couldn’t image wearing gloves. It was a nice walk home.

These night shots show the limits of what an iPhone can do, which is too bad. I could care less about a fancy lens or a megapixel count over a certain number (say 5 for an iPhone posting to a blog and 12 for a digital camera making prints). What matters most, I think, is the light meter. An iPhone can be tricked (examples here and here) like most cameras with subpar light meters into doing cool stuff, but it’s not a substitute for a superior light meter.

I’ve always enjoyed night photography and Gyeongju make it clear that once it warms up a bit more, I will be going out with my S70 and a tripod to get the shots I want.

From the hero image at the top: the campus sports field; the road off to the right of the main gate on my way home; the hospital; a playground; and that pesky carwash again …

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