Day 303

Wednesday | December 26th, 2012


We were invited last minute to PP’s impromptu birthday party in the evening. Walking back from the Daily TOEIC, I was pondering the correct present to bring the girl who has everything. Certain gifts stood out and could be easily made if the timeframe wasn’t so short. It was right in the middle of this string of objects that I saw the perfect gift, abandoned, in the street: Mashimaro.


I’ve had a thing for abandoned stuffed animals ever since photographing my Dead Teddy series in 2006-2007. Enough though I haven’t happened upon a dead teddy in years (not since slitting open an ex’s dead teddy to build a Snowy for my Tintin costume), my eye still zings to one if its there. For PP’s birthday present, a street Mashimaro is the perfect gift (with an accessory or two—see above right).


Packaging him up (above, both) was more troublesome than scooping him up off the street and stitching up his ear. Meow helped a lot by providing the paper and foam padding.

There was also a long interruption in present preparation as an ADT tech came by to figure out why our alarm system had quit arming itself. He spent over an hour going through all the sensors and having poor flu-laden Meow stand around outside and read back the display after each step of sensor fiddling. Then since the tech was not in the crew that set up the system he had no idea where sensor 11 was that was giving off the error. And the it took me a while to figure out that was what was going on (language barriers and such). Finally, it turns out sensor 11 had a loose wire which is why the whole thing wouldn’t arm. The tech screwed this wire in a bit tighter and everyone went off to be warm inside somewhere.

Because of the flu, Meow missed out on this party as well. I went alone (though I tried to get her to come for dinner, it was just too cold and she felt too sick to walk to the restaurant). I ate a veggie burger, but it was no Boca. It was more like crispy tofu mash and it fell apart too easily to be enjoyed.


After everyone ate and drank some we moved onto a second place and the birthday girl opened her present (above). We drank more and devoured the ice cream cake between the five of us (see thumbnail, it’s the scary blue cat). LG left and then as we moved on to the third place, PP also went home with Mashimaro, so BM, PG and I went to the fish place (hero image, top) from my birthday to eat another broiled mackerel.

Strangely, I got home at a decent hour, not completely drunk and even worked on more TOEIC before going to bed. Following the rules helps a lot

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