Day 299

Saturday | December 22nd, 2012


Finally an adventure. And not a silly hobbit adventure with a tall, creepy, single man who likes to hang out with short fellows either. A half-day trip, we shall call it, to Busan.

There was a lot of mundane things to do in the morning first, like spend time sitting in a chair digesting TOEIC for the second or fifth time this year. I’ve lost track. Each time is like the first time, sort of like a lot of other things before my experience with them starts to climb into the double digits. Maybe it’ll get easier seven or eight more times out of the gate, but today it was just layering more sediment into the cracks of knowledge—might take a 1,000 more years actually before it means something.

There was a short spell at home trying to do something small, but never really getting enough into it to get it done before Meow and I were piling into a cab and off to Gyeongju Station for our slow train to the beach.


We slept on the train just like last time basically went with a goal in mind, but no plan for after that goal was to be accomplished. We saw a joint show with LG’s photography (above) and illustrations derived from those photographs. It was good to see good art, Meow and I don’t get out enough to see art. We discussed this a little bit while looking for a place to eat.

And brings me to the lack of planning part of our journey. This is the second time we’ve braved the two hour slow-train ride to Busan to partake in the viewing of art, but not made any other plan, which is stupid. We both always forget to sort this part of the adventure out. It’s not until we’ve seen the art, that we become hungry and have anywhere from 2-5 hours to kill before riding the slow-train back to Gyeongju. I only know Busan the watering hole and Busan the beach to sober up/sleep it off on the next day. We would like to see more of Busan, but other than the boat tour, Busan Tower, and famous fish market/docks—all of which I’ve been to either on the way to a bar or somewhere after one—we have no idea what to do in Busan or where to go.

Last time we went back to Haeundae Beach where the station is and ate good, but not great raw fish. This time we walked all the way out of the subway station where the show was, expecting to see food places, only to step into a vapid concrete laden commercial district like Seodaemun in Seoul (think monolithic buildings without food that are only open in the daytime and lots of new car shops). So we went back to Haeundae to find some food, but as usual neither one of us wanted to make a decision so it was a lot of walking in circles.


Finally, we just went to a coffee shop to be warm, have a snack, and wait for our train. I thought the sandwiches looked nasty here, but the toast with Reddiwhip® and brown sauce (above) was infinitely nastier.

Once again coming home after being gone all day, the dogs seemed surprised (still) that we actually came back.

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