Day 298

Friday | December 21st, 2012


Today it’s raining again. It’s sick and cold and wet and it reminds me of another rainy all-the-dang-time place I lived once upon a time in the West. I didn’t take any pictures, not for want of not taking pictures, but for reality of wetness, cold pinch in the air, and a more general act I’ve come to call ‘Close the Autumn’.

The pictures are (hero image, top) Jochiwon, just left of downtown looking toward the vast nothingness of the townness and city hall; (thumbnail, post) a random shot out the window of Nashville or some such bar in Itaewon, this image is much more notable as image number 0016, the sixteenth shot from my iPhone; (Daily Bullet, bottom) the buses on campus waiting to gas up on out-of-town students for the evening, this was shot maybe a month ago.

The last task of ‘Close the Autumn’ (after the much vaunted satiate the Paperons) was to coerce an alien computer system into allowing me to send two text-based commands in the form of:

user = User.find_by_login = "username"

(where “username” is somebody like “calebx”) and


This took just over two hours to accomplish. First, the instructions I was given sucked and any supporting documentation on the internet for this alien computer system has vaporized. Second, issuing the commands required the alien computer system to load another alien program (sort of like conversing in text commands to an alien within an alien). And lastly, 90% of the information I did dig up didn’t articulate in any manner meaningful to someone who does not spend their days working on alien computers that said commands had to be sent AFTER acquiring god-privileges (also known as “root”).

This last bit of jelly is what took the longest. I gave up many times and did other small things. I ate some McDonald’s freedom fries; I chatted with two students, one who wanted her grade changed from a shameful A to an honorable A+; I ate some bread; I swore enough to fill a portapotty with nickels if a fairy godmother had been standing there to fine me.

Conquering this kind of stuff is a flavor of the good life. No one else cares, but I do, and deeply at that. I envision a lifelong portfolio show at the end or near to it which will consist of each one of these occurances. Thousands will come, none will care—but that’s the nature of art (and writing), observer apathy.

And on the subject of viewer apathy … I bought these (domain names: and over the weekend and I’m not sure why. Okay, pastnote is my word, coined here on this blog, this year. Most pastnote domains were open and .info was on sale for $4 for the first year and I’m a sucker (who doesn’t care for bridge assets). Next year if I decide to hang onto it, it’ll be way more expensive than a regular .com, .net, or .org, but I’m not certain that I care. But … doubts loom … and I do like the handle (I took a break from writing to scoop up

As of today, I control 18 domain names, the majority of which I’ve acquired since moving to Korea. I’ve been on some sort of domain name spending spree this month. I’ve grabbed three new ones, let two expire ( and because I didn’t do anything with them. But, ideas are like that, bursting, bubbling, sometimes fermenting for a long time. If I took that position with, this blog wouldn’t have such a poetic internet parking space. This domain was acquired in 2005 along with and (no longer mine and since taken by copying minds).

There is a time, a place, and a vision for each name, for what site I want to make. I have several ideas for littletinycity … but pastnote … right now it’s an email deadzone with all the crud, the Viagra, the Russian girls looking for a chat, the Rolex watches, the pill purveyors, the bankers in Nigeria, and Galvin Lillywhite:


I am Gavin Lillywhite a UK citizen. I am seeking for investment opportunities anywhere outside the United Kingdom and I need a trust worthy person/investor whom I can talk to on how to invest, why to invest, as well as sound financial planning advice.

Basically, all I need is sincerity, authenticity, integrity protection, virtue, accountability and honor which bring trust in business. As you already know, nothing can undermine a business relationship more completely than lack of trust because trust is the essential precondition upon which all real success depends and the key to trust is action and commitments. Commitments made and commitments honored.

Once you agree to this, we shall prepare an Equity Investment Agreement where we shall state the profit sharing pattern and all other conditions.

Waiting for your response.

Best Regards

Gavin Lillywhite

Hey, the internet’s gotta be for everyone, why not send everyone except your closest peeps to and show’em a good time where they’ll never be seen (like sending the geeks to the Elks instead of the cheerleader’s party?

The Daily Bullet

Art inspired by the quintessential 1980 D.O.A. album, Something Better Change and the t-shirt I bought when I saw them for the first time in 1990 and bought their still out of print Murder album (which I also bought). Incidentally, another sign that paper is out of fashion, the iTunes Music store has Hardcore ’81 … and to my teenage self, the ultimate sell-out has occurred; where as my now-self only sees this as the best business plan for future growth with enhanced worldwide distribution—now fifth wave punks across the global have access to proper music. If this is the New World Order, I rikey.


Daily Report

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