Day 297

Thursday | December 20th, 2012


Thursday has come and although I woke up around 10.00 and had a real breakfast for the first time in ages (a two-egg omelette with aged cheddar, tomatoes, and sauteed onions with whole wheat toast and of course ketchup to choke down the egg factor), I was still dragging hard from flu.

But! This was not a day that could be wolfed down or slept through. Today I turned in my work to the Paperons and skipped off to my last classes where I met no students for no classes. I did talk with a few old timers and one of my students came up to me for a lengthy semi-political conversation where we talked about America’s first black president and Korea’s first female president and national healthcare. Then I left. First to the office to grab my things, then across the bridge (with a pit stop to check on the ducks), then I was home.


It dragged though, for such a low impact simplistic day, I was completely wiped out when I got home. (Okay, maybe it was the two walks, to work and then back home that had a hand in the fatigue). All I wanted to do was sleep off the rest of the week.

I spent time with the dogs in my room, giving them love (since they were so shortchanged on Tuesday, then much of the day Wednesday), and watching the last bit of Dexter. I also braved another episode of The Simpsons, since last week’s episode was basically a 21 minute trash on Oregon ultrahipsters, but alas, such bursts of creativity this late in the game (season 24, man) are more like quantum singularities appearing at McDonald’s. It sucked in that ho-hum way the show has been for the last 5-6 years.

Later, I made dinner for Meow: sautéed onions, carrots, and squash on bread with melted jack and mature cheddar cheese. It was like the hippy pizza of yore.


Oh look, my phone took another screenshot of itself. Too bad I wasn’t around when it happened. I was crashed out in bed, still sleeping off some pre-winter. You know what else my phone did? Why it called one of TD’s girls.

That’s right, my phone activated its Voice Control system, picked up ambient sounds (only dogs to hear) and interpreted that as “Call Tinkerbell”. And then Tinkerbell called me back once a day until I sent a message apologizing for my phone. This is like a scene from Short Circuit, I’m sure.

The Daily Bullet

The river’s gone and melted somewhat in this “warmth”, yet the ducks still cluster in the same spot as when the river was frozen over. I notice too, that the river/lake has a lot of semi-frozen junk sticking out of it, to which I can only say, “Ah, country life!” because bored kids are always up to no good in the country. Except in America where kids in the Midwest go cow tipping, kids on the East Coast tag everything, and kids in Eugene, Oregon ride their bikes all night long, drink coffee and get baked when it rains.


Daily Report

I didn’t sleep last night. I struggled to write or create a script that would grab an .mp3 from a folder, open it, insert markers in pre-determined places, split the audio file into eleven segments based on those

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Out beyond the fake lake (Bomun) for Christmas Day lunch at a place called the Healing Kitchen. It’s all farms and hilltops here. And roads to more farms and hilltops. Except for the noise from the cars, I

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The Fourth Wall

I’m here and alive. Ten days behind the reality of my written life, yet here and alive. TOEIC is the predominant motif of life from the end of the semester until … today. This is the end, after

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This Old Hanok

When we had the bathroom done, we wanted to design our own window for the part of the wall which straddles the storage space along the side of the house. This way we could have clean airflow through

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