Day 293

Sunday | December 16th, 2012


Go to bed late = sleep late. I don’t know how Meow does it, getting up every morning around 08.00. It’s like a compulsion or an obligation for her. If I go to bed at 05.00, I want to sleep until about the turn of the century if I have no other plans. Especially in the winter, dreaming is the next best thing to being awake and plodding through the winter.

Dreams, for Meow, are more prophetic and telling in her waking life, whereas dreams, for me, are epic stories set in alternate realities which mirror my own or augment my being into parallel universes where I live each day on a different plod or simply a date on the astral plane.

It was hard to get the day moving because of yesterday (gots to blame someone). When things did eek out, it was to the bathroom, then I was tossed out of there and the shower delayed, so I went back to bed to write. Meow wanted to take the dogs out, but writing superseded any real goings out. Then even when I did shower, I went to my office instead to do whatever I could do to bring the computers more in-tune with each other and the ever growing files created by this blog in some ordered, synced space … like Dropbox. This led to a slew of other small, irritating computer related chores which ate more of the day.

Meow made an excellent dinner (sautéed Asian eggplant with veggies) and I ate a ton of rice with it. I never eat rice anymore. I don’t know why. Yet, this latest batch of rice is the best tasting ever and with the sauce the veggies were boiled in … I think I over ate.

I was tempted to stay and sit with Meow and watch more of Blade 3 together, but remembering what happened last night made me not want to linger and suddenly have it be midnight or later and not have had done anything or at least felt like I did something other than sleep the weekend away.

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