Day 29

Tuesday | March 27th, 2012


Twis been a might day of computer! computer! computer!. One might also call it: How I remembered to loathe digitality just a few increments more.

Work was fine, but I had two classes with only one student. It’s kind of a snore fest because there’s no lesson or concept you can really move through well without at least a pair of students. The second of these classes had what I call a “stalker” student. This is a student who is doing great in my class already, but makes time to come in for more (MOAR) practice in the conversation room. It’s good for my student, but boring for me.

At the beginning of our chit-chat, he tells me he is a computer science major and I tell him he needs to learn about the 3 (or 4, depending on your pov) Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, and OSX. Then he tells me what everyone tells me because it’s the same broken record that’s been playing for the last 20 or so years: ‘I can’t understand Apple’ (the other classics are ‘Macs are too hard/different/expensive’ and ‘I don’t want to learn another system’). These are all dumb mantras people repeat to themselves to justify their general repulsion to knowledge. They repeat them because other ignoramuses around them say the same stupid stuff.

I pulled out my laptop and tortured my student with a 25 minute intro on how Apple computers were exactly the same as Windows computers only less ridiculous and more modern (there’s good rant here already). Since he’s learning programming, I also explained the differences between Microsoft’s approach to system architecture and Apple’s approach and then wrapped the whole thing up with a breakdown of application design and a demo. He was at least interested in trying it out on one of his four computers (we had a geek-out). I’m going to try to remember to bring him a copy of the OS on Friday.

After that minor success—if success is to be measured today by the amount of utter nonsense one has acquired on a subject then suddenly and unexpectedly given the chance to poo it all out at other unsuspecting students captives people—I should have gone home, but I foolishly went to my office. This was around 13.30 and I had a meeting at 17.00. I spent three and a half hours trying to edit (and save) a single configuration file on a remote server (… and there is a rant here about this kind of technological altercation).

In sum, this is a rather sucky way to spend your day. I don’t want to even get started about the meeting (work/teaching related) as there is time enough for that not in the Daily Report.

Meow and I went to a neighbor’s for dinner and had some wicked quiche. It got me thinking what a normal activity that is and how I couldn’t remember the last time anyone had us over for dinner (not counting family). It was a good time, but like a lot of things lately, it was another alien concept.

… I hereby rechristen ‘Gyeongju’ as ‘Relic World’. I’m sure the theme parkish sensations will kick in once spring decides to stay on.

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