Day 286

Sunday | December 9th, 2012


I slept in a wine stupor and woke with the wine headache to prove that wine isn’t my drink (yet again). Meow likes to bother me when I sleep in. I don’t know why she does it; I don’t bother her when she’s sleeping. For now, I’ll stick with my assumption that this is ‘Day-Off Rage’. Anyway, I got up after 13.00 and just like last Sunday, I skipped the shower and everything else I’d rather do on a Sunday to get dressed and walk the dogs.

Only, today really wasn’t a good day to be outside. It was pretty, sure, but colder than last week (I had to have thick tuque). This walk was around the river once, the short this-pain-must-not-be-endured-longer-than-possible way. Maybe less than twenty-five minutes later everyone was back home and much happier. Naughty got to wear his new boots for a bit though, except when he wasn’t trying to chew them off, he was dragging them along like tube socks on a toddler. The boots came off after a few blocks.

I took a hot bath after doing the dishes. I’ve been wanting to take a bath lately but holding off on that want for a day like today. Hungover, tired, headache, cold from putting up even more weatherstrips on doors and windows, cold from the cold, perfect time to run a hot bath and slip my whole body under the water (yeah, our tub is that big). Just my head was left out, laying back on the head rest in ponderance of the last month or so.

LG came by sometime after I got out of the bath and we worked up a list of the best sci-fi movies and tv shows on a decade by decade basis since the 1970s (with some outstanding disagreements):


  • 1970s – Star Wars
  • 1980s – Bladerunner
  • 1990s – Starship Troopers / The Fifth Element – LG does not concur on either, but has failed to supplement either of my picks.
  • 2000s – Pitch Black / District 9 – LG hasn’t seen District 9, but we agree about Pitch Black; LG attempted to vote for Serenity, but I vetoed movies from tv shows—hence the birth of the tv show category.
  • 2010s – it’s an open market …


  • 1970s – Space 1999 – LG hasn’t seen this
  • 1980s – Quantum Leap / Star Trek TNG / Dr. Who – Tom Baker territory
  • 1990s – Star Trek DS9 – LG hasn’t watched enough of DS9 to vote strongly
  • 2000s – Serenity / Defying Gravity – LG gets his space cowboy on, I agree, but Defying Gravity is far superior—of course LG hasn’t seen that either, but then again, most people on the planet haven’t seen Defying Gravity (I have it all with Korean subs …); another point: both shows were cancelled after less than a full season.
  • 2010s – no definable players, yet …

What I learned from this list making is that my time filler hobby of life in Korea of downloading and watching all sci-fi tv shows ever made has borne in me secret knowledge that none others possess (okay, none in Gyeongju). Time well spent indeed, yes siree.

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