Day 285

Saturday | December 8th, 2012


It would’ve been good to sleep in, but I didn’t. It would’ve been good to stay inside all day, but I didn’t. It would’ve been good to spend the day in my room listening to music, but I didn’t. I’ve had a lot of those days lately and I’m about to have quite a few more. I went and did a work thing, then when I came home, it was right to work trying to seal up my drafty, meat-locker of a house with weather-proofing tape.

Some rooms are warm, some are chilly, and two I don’t want to be in for more than a few seconds. The bedroom falls in the chilly category. Part of the problem is that it sits on the outside corner of the house with two walls exposed to the elements. There is also a large circular hole where the AC piping should go (if we liked AC units). That hole was only covered with wallpaper on the inside until today when Meow and I stuffed it with felt scraps and then PVC and tape. The shocker came when sticking the felt pieces in the hole—I had thought that our walls were cement sections between the wood frame of the house, but it’s actually particle board cores with about a centimeter of cement on each side. I think this is the first warm weather project that will take priority over all others: sledgehammering these sections out of the bedroom and rebuilding them with frames and insolation and maybe drywall (I can hear it now: “You don’t want that. Nobody has that.. It’s too expensive.“).

Later in the afternoon CC came over to give us a step for our house to replace our pre-move-in bricks and plywood scraps that I plopped together (which at least one house warming guest nearly had a fall on). He brought his dog, too. Photographs above, from the left: ‘hey who’s the new guy?’, ‘everyone get acquainted now; mandatory butthole sniffing!’, and ‘everybody kiss.’

Meow and I spent our evening drinking wine and getting caught up on this week’s X Factor and after much cursing about Cece from Meow, Cece was finally voted off the show (so Meow can finally stop cursing Americans).

I went to sleep at 11.30. That’s a scary time for me to go to sleep. Usually it means that I wake up around 02.00 or 03.00 and then plod through the next one tiring each second further towards sudden death sleep after about 16.35 …

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