Day 279

Sunday | December 2nd, 2012


I don’t know why, but I slept until 14.00. I was warm and dreaming. There’s no reason to get up when both of those things are in play. It’s just a sick compromise of life and the desire for continued warmth while dreaming that I even get up at all. Much of my life has been rising, eating, and working all for the aim of being able to bed and dream again.

See that birdie (hero image, top)? That is a fluke of a malfunctioning camera. Usually birds (pigeon there) are a blob of blurdom or turn out ultra-metaphysical like the gulls in Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Meow wouldn’t let me sleep more. She kept jumping on me, squishing me, trying to be Million Pound Man and crush me into rising. I bargained with her for mix coffee and a promise to get up after drinking it to walk the dogs (and skip my shower, again).

Considering how cold and rainy it was on Saturday, it was a little more welcoming to step outside on a Sunday afternoon, overdressed for what should have been about an hour of dog walking. Instead the warmer weather and clear skies urged us on much further East than we have previously walked. Even when we came to the end of the path (see yesterday’s Daily Bullet) and other walkers turned back, we pressed on, Twitchy in the lead and Naughty beginning to look fatigued.

Twitchy was a bad dog. She pooped a lot and that’s great for her, but whenever I stopped to take a picture she bitched and moaned and whined about having to stop and wait while I fiddled with a finicky camera app that had begun to take picture when I wasn’t even touching the screen. Naturally, I ended up with a lot of shots of my feet, the blurry ground, or a bad white dog jerking on a leash.

We turned back toward home only when I could see the last bend near Bomun Lake. This gives me confidence that I can spend my winter time walking to the lake and back without it being a four hour affair (although, that’s a nice pinch of exercise too). In the winter, I find my toes start to get numb after about three and a half hours unless I’m wearing some pretty killer insolation on my feet (hello plastic wrap!).

It was a great walk, just over two hours. The dogs were wiped out which really makes up for the do-nothings they’ve been for the last few weeks as the temperature has dropped and the most exercise they get is when they dart out for a poop. It also invigorated me. I finished all my grading while watching more of Merlin. I didn’t get any Korean studying in, but I did tweak my gradebook a lot and start working on the formulas that are still not quite working the way that I want/need them to.

And … I forgot about all the irritations of Wednesday and Saturday. I want to have a walk like this every Sunday with Meow and the dogs.

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Watch bad doggie pull. See strange pictures.

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