Day 278

Saturday | December 1st, 2012


On a level, I’ll admit it: I am bummed that the big idea hasn’t panned out. And, also, I will concede that I’m a bit surprised that it got as far as it did … and disappointed that it’s now bogged down on some bean counter’s pile of 2013 problems. And, yes, I still feel slighted by the two innocuous digs and a possible third (now that I’ve thought things over a bit more) during the meeting with King Julien. I’ll just say that older Koreans never do really get out of their thought-box and leave it there.

But these things took a toll by Saturday. After weeks of back-burnering things I enjoy, like being caught up on paperwork, going to Korean class, and hanging out with peeps, I wasn’t willing to tend to any responsibilities come Saturday. I sat next to a mound of homework assignments and quizzes and ignored them all day while I sat, unshowered, playing CIV IV on one computer and watching Merlin on the other.

This was Saturday in a nut. I did put on some garb to dash out in the freezing rain around the corner to the mart to fetch ice cream and Twitchy gleefully followed me to the gate, then yelped and whined (I could hear her two blocks away) until I returned. I promised her a walk on Sunday and went back to my cave.

The last takeaways:

  • The work I did at the CEC is unimportant because the CEC is not a university (never mind the Fencing Division, that Kim Youngho is CTO, trained the coaches, and many of the students; let’s forget that 1.5 million dollar deal with Stanford and the $15,000 camps in the States; so what if celebraties, judges, and chaebols families sent their kids there; all hagwons turn the heat up in the winter and the AC in the summer; everyone has a division in Busan, seriously, it’s SOP; more than 100 people, six buildings, four divisions; oh and everyone self publishes, too).
  • People will always doubt because they either: don’t have anything better to do or don’t have a clue about anything and are trying to appear knowledgeable.
  • Money, not ideas, drives everything. Without money, big ideas (my big idea) go no where.

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