Day 274

Tuesday | November 27th, 2012


A package arrived today from a faction in Seoul empathetic to my recent spate cheese deprived illnesses. It was as expected as unexpected the gesture was in the first place. Lately, when I think about what I want to eat most in this world, I see vanilla ice cream with cubes of white cheddar and some kind of swirl. Maybe it’s honey. White Cheddar and Honey Vanilla Ice Cream … I thought it, I saw it, I’ve wanted it everyday since never. I believe, I will round up all three of these ingredients soon and treat my brain to some taste sensation.

Last night, just as I was getting ready to retire from quiz grading, I realized I hadn’t yet typed the documents I said that I would. My big idea gained a lot more traction and refinement on Sunday and I had to finish writing out the milestones to accomplish my big idea. Then this led to a second document, a task list to attempt to (at least in a preliminary fashion) sort and define the major tasks between and leading up to the milestones. It sounds big because it is, in fact it’s fucking massive. While not dwarfing anything accomplished at the CEC, this is a more comprehensive, focused thing I’m attempting here. Tomorrow, I get to have a meeting with King Julien to see if my big idea has any backing, and thus the legs of a real boy.

Tuesday seemed like an all around better day. Maybe because by banging out milestones the night before, I got to wipe another task off my whiteboard. My goal is to have the whole thing empty by the week after next. All I want to be doing in the last week of the semester is grading and punching in final exam scores, turning in all my paperwork (lots of that, but again, not as bad as the CEC), and hunkering down for three and a half weeks of TOEIC mayhem.

It’s getting colder and bleaker. Korea is really nice in the spring and summer and in the autumn in some places, but the winterscape just strikes me as hollow. Maybe that’s why I shot all the trees the other day (and in all the winters past).

Bulletless, again …

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