Day 272

Sunday | November 25th, 2012


I woke up early for a Sunday. Had an appointment with JW to go compare our weekend thoughts about my big idea. As always, I was worried about strife, but there wasn’t any which means not only what I’m saying makes a lot of logical sense (or perhaps I’m just peddling my wares with brevity), but also that it’s in the flow of the right time, the right place, and the right people. That is particularly important, this idea is big in scope and time.

I nailed down the first ten milestones and need to lay down the rest probably before Tuesday. I don’t know where that leaves Korean class this week. Last week it needed to go under the bus so the party would/could go on. This week, I can’t decide if that is necessary. Then again, I never did get a good breakdown of what I missed or the homework assignment. Decisions, decisions.

After the meeting, I met up with LG who followed me back home to borrow my Folse writing book. The recordings I made at his lectures last year finally saw the light of other people’s ears when I shared them via Dropbox to MS, LG, and PP. We got to talking about parts of my big idea (what has dribbled out here and what sharing an office has brought his ears). I opened the gate while talking and was too focused on the barking angels to deactivate the alarm system. This led to a call from Meow who’d received a call from ADT. At least we know the system works, for reals. I made coffee and LG and I continued to talk big and about the PDF in general until Meow came home.

When LG left, we decided it was a perfect time to take the dogs for a walk as we both had street clothes on and were in a general DO mode. The day was warmer, but still chilly. The overcast sky gave me a lot of chances to torture Twitchy while I stopped to pictures of lifeless trees without birds.

I spent the remainder of the day backposting and listening to music (until Meow phoned me to complain that my music had too much “bass”). Then I switched to quality television programming like Wizards vs. Aliens.

Of the things I considered DOing: playing more Sudoku, grading homework assignments, writing a lesson plan for next-next week, finishing the TOEIC Rubric, studying Korean, adding new things to my whiteboard, typing up the milestones, plugging the bass back in, tearing out the ceiling in my office.

That last one. That’s an important one. There is a creature between the roof and the ceiling. Or creatures. It or they run about and I heard them above my office tonight. Last night Meow heard it or them above her in the living room. It (they?) is too big to be a mouse. My money is on cat creature.

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